[TUTORIAL] 160427 Vote for SJ via App in the Seoul Music Awards! 


Super Junior needs our help! The “Seoul Music Awards” is an awards ceremony held every year in Korea and for 2017, the awards will present a new prize that is only selected by fans’ voting, but many fans around the world don’t know that. 
We will update soon about the day the voting ends.  

To bring SJ to first place, install an app “팬덤스쿨beta” on the google app store! (https://t.co/l7xw3MdJKM) You can install the app if you have google account. The award is presented by accumulated votes for a year, and we can vote 10 times per day. 

Here are step-by-step photos starting from the App Store to clicking vote!

Let’s bring SJ to victory!!

Tutorial by fall_in_ryeo 

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160420 Yesung talks about his solo album failing to receive spotlight

On April 19, Super Junior’s main vocalist Yesung released his 1st ever solo mini album, ‘Here I Am‘.

The next day, Yesung and fellow Super Junior member Kangin greeted fans through a special clip through Vyrl x Cookat x The Korean Tourism Organization, where Kangin asked Yesung to sing his new song while Kangin enjoyed his meal!

Then, Yesung commented, “‘Here I Am‘ is already… over… done for… I just want to place meaning to the fact that I was able to release a solo album, and I didn’t expect it to be all that successful…”

Hearing Yesung’s confession, Kangin remarked, “If you talk about it like that it’s kind of sad.” To which Yesung stated, “It is a little sad… since I worked hard on it for a long time… But I’ll just place meaning on the fact that it’s finally out.” 

Kangin then refuted, “Don’t lie.” Yesung, who laughed meekly, added, “I don’t really have an appetite anymore. But it is a song that I wrote 4 years ago.” 

Fans who heard Yesung express such sadness have commented, “TT oppa we’re sorry”, “It’s not over! It’s not over TT we’ll do better, don’t say that”, “SM, why don’t you promote the song? Please promote it, honestly…” and more.

Poor Yesung, he really seems disappointed! According to fans, Yesung’s title track “Here I Am” has recently been spotted at #96 on music charts. But it’s too early to call it over, don’t you all agree?



Source: allkpop
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160421 Yesung Opens Up About His Solo Debut on “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show”


On the April 21 broadcast of the “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” (hereafter “Cultwo Show”), Super Junior’s Yesung opens up about his recent solo debut.

Yesung explains, “I participated in every aspect of the album’s production, including the music video, the outfits, and the album jacket. Please give it a lot of love.” He also reveals that it is his first time starring as the main character in a music video. “I started acting through the drama ‘Awl,’ and even filmed a movie in Japan. I spoke Japanese throughout the entire movie. But I’ve never had the chance to star in a Super Junior music video because the more handsome members were always given the lead role.”



He continues, “But since it’s my solo, I said that I’d do everything if the opportunity came my way. Even though the story of the music video doesn’t match the lyrics of my song, I know the emotions well.”

If he wins first place on a music show, Yesung promises that he’ll wear clothes with a lot of zippers and open them all, making a play on his title track’s name (which literally translates to “open the door”).

Meanwhile, Yesung’s long-awaited solo album “Here I Am” dropped on April 19, and he performed his first solo stage on the April 21 episode of “M!Countdown.”

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Do you want to see 슈퍼주니어(Super Junior)? Select your city and make it happen!

MyMusicTaste, the company that has previously worked with artists like EXO, Block B and INFINITE, is interested in bringing Super Junior to a major city in  North America! If you want to see the boys of Super Junior LIVE, go to and MAKE their show today!


How to make your dream happen?


  1. Go to http://mymusictaste.com or  Click HERE
  2. Click on your City, use the Map, or Search for your City of choice then click “MAKE.” It will then lead you to your City specific concert campaign! If you do not see the city you would like to make, email support@mymusictaste.com with the city you want to add and they will add it for you.
  3. Before you CLICK “MAKE” do not forget to Sign Up first .. it’s pretty easy ^-^

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160318 Super Junior, EXO, Red Velvet and More Unite on New SM C&C Web Variety Show

SM C&C, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, is producing a new web variety show featuring some of SM’s brightest stars.

According to one media outlet, SM C&C is preparing a web variety show called “Earth Life Report” (working title) and all the guests have been cast. The first episode is scheduled to air near the end of March.

The show will run in a game show/quiz show format, in which prizes are awarded to the winners. The MCs for this show will be Super Junior’s Leeteuk, TRAX’s Jungmo, and Red Velvet’s Yeri. The guests for now will be idol group EXO.

As the show will be broadcast online and features some of SM’s most popular artists, people are anticipating a global response to the new program. The show will air for eight episodes on domestic portal sites as well as Chinese online platforms and social media.

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[ENG][HD] Episodes 1 and 2: The Friends in Switzerland – Leeteuk & Ryeowook

Not able to create a video player, but here are the links on Dailymotion!

Ep1 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3ix80h_eng-sub-hd-the-friends-in-switzerland-leeteuk-ryeowook-ep-1_fun

Ep2 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3oe1dc_ep-2-eng-sub-hd-the-friends-in-switzerland-leeteuk-ryeowook_fun

Subbed: sapphiresubs
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