[KCON ’15] WorldwideELFs goes to KCON! Giveaways and Projects for KCON goers!

  Good day everyone! 

As you know, WorldwideELFs has grown over the years and now we’ve become the #1 fanbase with the most followers. As a thank you for following us, we would like to give away some items during KCON LA 2015. 

What are you giving out? 

Just some examples ^^ We have more items than thisㅋ (There is a Siwon photo card inside Swing.)

How can I get some free SJ goodies?

  • Search “sapphir3bluu” on LINE or Twitter. Message one of the two. I (Sarah) will DM on Twitter. I will talk to you to arrange how to give you a freebie and tell you a secret code to find me during the convention to get my attention. 
  • Make sure you’re following us on Twitter! 

If you don’t prefer LINE or Twitter, send a DM to WorldwideELFs and we will do our best to arrange something!

*We can’t guarantee everyone gets an item if items are gone or certain circumstances cannot be done.* 

What projects are there for KCON?

We have a fanchant project with USA ELF! Check out our other post HERE for more info^^ Let’s support SJ and show them the U.S. is somewhere worth coming back to :)  

150730 SM Entertainment responds to reports of Super Junior member Siwon actively enlisting this year

Recent reports have revealed that Super Junior‘s Siwon is set to enlist in the military under active duty to which SM Entertainment has released an official statement.According to the original reports, Siwon is supposedly scheduled to enlist in the second half of this year though the specific date was not determined yet. The broadcasting insider who revealed this information to Daily Sports on July 30th further added, “Choi Siwon has a strong and healthy body, and he’s always expressed his desire to enlist as an active duty soldier.”

“He will continue to work hard for the broadcast MBC drama ‘She Was Pretty’ which is set to air in September before enlisting.”

Following this report, SM Entertainment announced their official statement regarding Siwon’s enlistment, saying, “Nothing has been confirmed regarding Choi Siwon’s military enlistment date. Currently, he is focusing on completing the shooting for the drama ‘She Was Pretty.’“

Super Junior members who have already completed their enlistment in the past few years including Leeteuk, Yesung, Kangin, and Heechul while members Shindong and Sungmin began their services in the first half of the year. Should Siwon indeed enter the military this year, he will be the 7th Super Junior member to do so.

Source: Daily Sports and 10Asia via Koreaboo
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150730 Kyuhyun Says New SM Managers Are Tested By Being Assigned to Super Junior

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun has revealed SM Entertainment‘s way of testing just how much its newcomer managers can handle.
July 29′s episode of the MBC talk show “Radio Star” features guests singer Huh Gak, chef Jung Chang Wook, actress Kang Ye Bin and singer Bae Soo Jung.

On the show, the hosts tease Huh Gak over rumors they’d heard about how difficult a job it is to be his manager, and say it seems like his company treats him as a kind of boot camp for new managers. He admits that he’ll even sit in the passenger seat sit next to his manager in the van so that they can “chat,” when really he’s trying to observe the way that they drive.

Kyuhyun adds, “At our company too, when new managers are hired they send them to Super Junior.”

“If you can handle Super Junior, you can handle anything!” laughs host Yoon Jong Shin.

Super Junior recently returned from the July 25 and 26 SMTOWN concerts in Osaka, and are currently promoting their latest comeback single “Devil.”

Source (1) via Soompi
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[KCON ’15] WorldwideELFs and USA ELF Fanchant Project!

  Hi ELF~
We have a fanchant collaboration set with @USA_ELF for this year’s 2015 KCON in LA!

UPDATE: Printing out fanchants has been cancelled due to copyright reasons. Sorry, and we hope for your understanding on this drastic change. 

There will be a fanchant practice at USA ELF’s meet-up on Friday, July 31 starting at 9AM in front of the LA Convention Center (1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California 90015) where KCON will be held, so don’t be late! We will be rehearsing together and having both WorldwideELFs and USA ELF staff there during fanchant practice^^

What should I do for practice? 

Practice along to the Fanchant Playlist from our YouTube (just search WorldwideELFs). They are songs that could possibly be used during the concert on Saturday. The playlist is also on USA ELF’s channel if this helps^^ Thanks to those who made the videos!

The meet-up is designed to strengthen our unity for the actual concert, so come prepared! Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce the words 100% correctly. The fanchants are just to show our support for SJ, so relax and have fun with it! Remember, we want to be loud so SJ can hear^^

You can come visit USA ELF’s booth during the convention as well for any fanchant inquiries or for just practice 😊 Of course, there will be activities going on and chances to meet other ELF and both WorldwideELFs and USA ELF staff. WorldwideELFs will also be at SJ-World’s booth if you miss the chance at USA ELF’s booth. 

WWE Staff Hours at USA ELF and SJWorld’s Booths! 

••Fri (USA ELF): 1-1:30pm (Irene)、2-2:30pm and 3-3:30pm (Sarah)

••Sat (SJW): 12-1pm (Irene+Sarah)、2-2:30pm (Sarah)

••Sat (USA ELF): 3:30-4pm (Sarah)

【Friday subject to change for when Sarah goes alone if airline does delays. We will tweet and update this post if Sarah cannot make it to Friday.】

Hope to see you there!

150722 Super Junior release performance clip of ‘Devil’


Super Junior prepare a performance version of their latest track ‘Devil’ to express their gratitude for fans’ unyielding support despite their very short promotions last week.

Super Junior assure that fans can get a lot of activities from the members aside from the music show broadcast that they  can look forward too.

Watch now!

Credit: dkpopnews

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