[ENG][HD] Episodes 1 and 2: The Friends in Switzerland – Leeteuk & Ryeowook

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Ep1 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3ix80h_eng-sub-hd-the-friends-in-switzerland-leeteuk-ryeowook-ep-1_fun

Ep2 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3oe1dc_ep-2-eng-sub-hd-the-friends-in-switzerland-leeteuk-ryeowook_fun

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160201 Ryeowook Tops Album Charts With First Solo Album

ryeowook-the-little-prince-3-800x450.jpgSuper Junior‘s Ryeowook is dominating weekly album charts with his first solo album “The Little Prince.”

Released on January 28, the album ranks first on leading album sales charts Hanteo and Aladdin for the first week of February, proving the popularity of Ryeowook’s solo work. Other artists in the Top 5 of Hanteo’s weekly chart include Teen Top, GFRIEND, and Zico.

Ryeowook has pursued active promotions for his solo release over the past week. In addition to holding comeback stages on weekly music shows, he has appeared on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Guestbook” and various variety programs.

Meanwhile, the talented vocalist is set to greet fans through a solo concert held at the SMTOWN COEX Artium on February 19, 20, and 21.

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160203 Watch: Choi Siwon Makes Surprise Appearance at Subway Station


On February 2, the official Facebook page of Seoul Police revealed a video and photos of Choi Siwon dressed up as the Seoul Police mascot.

In the photos, Choi Siwon wears the mascot head and acts as a bodyguard for a woman. The pair were traveling through various subway stations. It appears as though they were on Line 4 and were at some locations including Dongjak station and Ichon station. It’s not clear how many passersby were aware that Choi Siwon was in their midst. Although he was wearing the mascot head, his uniform does reveal his name.


The purpose of this outing was to promote safety for passengers. After working, Choi Siwon takes off the mascot head and receives well-deserved applause. Although he is cheerful and smiles brightly, it is apparent that wearing the mascot head was hot and uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, the star started his military training last November and will be serving as a conscripted policeman until August 18, 2017.

Kudos to Choi Siwon for a job well done!

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160201 Ryeowook Is Tired of Talking About Choi Siwon

Super Junior‘s Ryeowook performed a comeback stage for his new song, “The Little Prince,” on the January 31 broadcast of SBS‘ “Inkigayo.” He showed off his wit for talking during an interview with the MCs.

MC Jackson of GOT7 asked, “Did Choi Siwon, whom you usually don’t get along with, send any words of support?” Ryeowook replied with a serious look, “Can we not talk about Choi Siwon?” He then was asked who is the best singer among himself and fellow Super Junior members Kyuhyun and Yesung. Ryeowook quietly pointed to himself, and when the MCs asked him who is the worst, he cleverly said, “I love you, Yesung. Love you too, Kyuhyun,” causing a round of laughter.


Ryeowook is known to frequently fight with fellow member Choi Siwon. “The Little Prince” is Super Junior Ryeowook’s debut solo album. You can watch his comeback stage on “Inkigayo” here!

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