[Compilation/Collaboration] Fan Projects for Super Show 6 in Singapore SS6SG ! Let’s show SJ the Power of ELF !

With the objective to show our love and support for our boys Super Junior, WorldwideELFs would like to ask for everyone’s participation in our chanting project for Super Show 6 Singapore !!

In addition to that, to make it easier for fans who will be attending SS6SG and to ensure that the different fan-projects can be spread around more ~
We would also like to help compile all the confirmed fan-projects for SS6SG ^^

So, to all fan bases who would like to work together with us, please do let us know! Let’s help each other!

  • Fan- projects details !

1. @ WorldwideELFs: Chanting Project

Consist of 11 claps + chant “SJ”
So it will go like *9 claps then SJ !*
(Please click here https://youtu.be/wZL52YZ1uLI for audio example ^^)

The chanting project will take place at 2 segments..

– The encore part (This should take place after the song “Let’s Dance”)
– The ending part (SJ Bow)

So, instead of chanting encore or giving cheers like we usually do, we would like everyone to do this project ^^
— Keep doing this chant until SJ appears (during encore) + Keep chanting loudly to cheer for our boys (during ending)

*Don’t be shy and feel free to be the first to start this project though! Keke.

2. @ TrulyELFs and @ ELFentglobal: “Haru” Banner Project
A hand banner will be given out on the day of the concert ~
So do keep a look out for it and please raise it up during the song!

3. @ ELFentglobal:

– Food Support
Our team will be doing a food event for Super Junior on the day of the concert.
Our objective is to provide SJ with Singapore’s traditional snacks and to let them have the feel of being in Singapore!

– Message Book Project from ELF to Super Junior.
We will be collecting messages from all ELF around the world to join our message book event.
All the messages will be in the message book as long as you adhere to the terms and condition.
TERMS & CONDITION: 1 entry per person. Word limit of 120. Only English, Chinese or Korean

Online messages intake will be till 30th April, 6pm. – Form available here http://t.co/3zOAaqZMo1

Alternatively, we will be accepting handwritten messages for those attending SS6SG. Feel free to look for us and get a piece of paper to write. We’ll be around taking message till 11am, 1st May 2015.

In addition, ELFentglobal will be giving out our own Super Junior photo cards on the concert day! Keep a look out for us!
More details as of where we will be at nearer to concert date!

– And More
To make all our events a success we are taking the initiative of selling SJ ELF t-shirt which can also be used during the concert! All the money collected from the sales of the shirt will be used for SS6SG events.

Check out our website for t-shirt design! https://elfentertainmentglobal.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/super-show-6-singapore-t-shirts%E2%99%A1/

Apart from that you are also welcomed to donate to our funds! http://goo.gl/forms/Y31BhlZktu

Do take note, extra money that is not used from t-shirt sales/donations for SS6SG events will be handed over to @sj10thyear project in raising funds to build a school in Africa!
So every contribution makes a difference. Thank you and we hope to get your warmest support in making SS6SG an unforgettable sweet experience!


Together with all SJ fan-bases, WorldwideELFs would like to seek everyone’s cooperation for these fan-projects, as they can only be completed successfully if everyone participates =D

*Note: Details about the fan projects will be updated as and when, so please look out for our posts!
Also, do let us know if there are any changes to be made .

Once again, to all fan bases who would like to work together with us, please let us know!
Let’s help each other! ^-^