WorldwideELFs’ Friends


Let us be friends with ELF from another country!!  Just introduce yourself here in the comments ^-^
Have fun~~


121 thoughts on “WorldwideELFs’ Friends

  1. hello! I am a V-ELF! Nice to meet you all ^ ^ I’m also not very clear on this web should look forward to getting to know and help you ~^.^~. Thank you !!!!!! This is my Yahoo, if they desire to know and talk to you via Y! ^^ thank u very much !!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello 😀 I’m ELF from Vietnam. I want to make friends with ELF all over the world 😀 Follow me in Twitter @iheart7min
    Thank you!

  3. Can you teach me how to use cyworld? I’ve created an account and clicked on the lnk to LeeTeuk and Kyuhyun’s cyworld~



  5. Hi to all my fellow ELF’S and to this admin im from philippines and i just wanna ask if tsuper junior do have individual lovelife as of now? ^^….

  6. hi again ELF’S lets vote for super junior mama awards..since teukie went to the army lets make happy by voting and bringing home the bacon for the 5 categories which SUPER JUNIOR has been nominated….. as of this time from the 5 categories they are leading in only 3 categories…

    vote!!! ^^

  7. HELLO fellow ELF’s, I am an ELF from the Kiribati Islands in the Pacific Islands. I think I’m the only one in my country too, but I’m happy to come across this site as I know that I am not alone. So, ELF’s, let’s vote for our boys in the MAMA AWARDS and show to the world how strong we are. For our leader oppa.

  8. for now,i need all support from worldwide elf to vote for sj in EMN AWARD coz the voting end this thrusday,6 dec…we currently need 2000votes…plse give your support..^^..

  9. ELFs I’m from the Philippines.. I do hope we all can be friends.. please follow me on tweeter @leeeunra4.. I’ll follow you back.. let’s all be together for Super Junior.. gamsahamnida :))

  10. I am a woman he met suju recently, only two months, but one day there might not hear your music and video …. in my country is still not massive music …. but we’re at it. .. since when in November 2012, was held an event called … Music Bank in chile … they came … but I could not attend …. I think you’d never forgive .

  11. hello, I’m Anindya..ELF Clouds from Indonesia
    wow! there are many ELF from many countries here..
    nice to meet you all 😀
    i hope we can be good friends..

  12. Hello, I’m Jeremy.. ELF Jewels from Indonesia
    Finally i find this blog
    My friend told me this is a good blog so i see it
    Good Site and Theme
    I Hope we can be good friends
    and nice to meet you All ELF ^^

  13. i want to group-hug you all my sweet blue ocean <3333
    i dunno it seems weird but we are the ones who makes that ocean XD
    ok just ignore my dorkiness cuz i dunno what to say but i love you all and i love yeye's bald hair <33

  14. Hello, all of ELF. Just follow my twitter @VirnaAndante and lets be friend ^^ Nice to meet you ^^

  15. I’m Malaysia ELF ^^
    Would like to meet and be friends with ELF around the world, follow me at @ivylch94

  16. Hi! everybody
    My name is Angela, i’m ELF from Peru …! ^.^
    I like to know more ELF from different countries and i hope be good friends.
    Take care. Peace

  17. Hi …^^ I’m ELF from indonesia… nice to meet you… Please ELF follow my twitter @dethykyu.. I want make friends ELF in the world..^0^

  18. Annyeonghaseyo…

    Indonesian ELF =>> say hi on my twitter @ikum_cyr i’ll replay it, coz i want to have many friends from all over the world

  19. hi elfs… i’m new here in elf world and i hope i can be friends with you.. follow me on twitter ~Rochelle Keith @turtlefishy~ and be friends on facebook ~Rochelle Keith Damian Bernal~ ^^
    gumawo 🙂 And I hope we get along with each other 🙂

  20. Heyyyyy. I’m an elf from Australia Melbourne. It’s pretty quiet here when it comes to suju. So was hoping to get some elf friends 🙂

  21. Hi my lovely Elfs 🙂
    I’m from Nepal and I would love to make many many Elf friends! You can follow me on twitter @iam_susann and we can talk 😀 Yayy

  22. Hi! I’m from Philippines! Hope to get more friends here.

    here is my twitter if you want to follow


  23. Hi! I’m Joanna 😀 I’m an ELF from Peru!! my favorite member is Eunhyuk ❤

    It would be great to have some contact with ELFs from different countries.. we're one!
    you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter as @joavicu

  24. hello ELFs wherever you are! 😀
    I’m 17. Indonesian. And simply, you can call me Ari. 😀
    My biases are Eunhyuk and Leeteuk.
    You can follow my twitter @npuspitarini. Mention me if you want me to follow you back!
    Glad to see you all~~ 🙂

  25. Hello everyone. I am a Philippine ELF. I am a new fan of Super Junior. Hope you can help me around. Have a nice day my fellow ELF. ^^

  26. Hi Elfs, happy we can interact here. I just wanna get every news of the precious Yesung, miss him so bad

  27. Hi n hello everyone! !!^^ I’m ayumu, Malaysian elf.mind to be friend with me??^^ follow me at twitter @RikoAyumu_92

  28. i hope i can meet new friends here 🙂 Elf from Philippines. Nice to meet you Elfs from other countries.
    btw here is my twitter so we can spazz about SJ : @YayMiel

  29. hi fellow elf.. i just wanna ask where could i find the link of Star Life theather with Super junior english subbed? comple episode?

  30. Hai guys….I’m an Indonesian ELF nice to know you all.
    you can follow on twitter @haemouth n__n

  31. Hi everyone! Im Gianne. An ELF from the Philippines! I would love to be friends with all of you. My twitter account is @gianneiam. Please follow me and Will follow you back. Thank you!!

  32. Annyeong! I’m Emma, Aussie ELF from Australia! ^^ Follow me on twitter @XxcrazypuppyxX I’ll follow you back! We can be great friends and talk about Super Junior! (^///_///^)

  33. Hello everyone,

    I’m a new ELF from Germany. I don’t know if I’m the only German ELF here. However, I’d love to make friends with you guys.

    Also please help me to learn more about super junior because I’ve known them only for a few months. I’ve also never been to a Super Show, but I hope to see them one day in the future.

    Please add me on Twitter @Vicky_SJ1705.
    Nice to meet you all!


  34. Hello everyone,
    My name is Han Hy. I have been an ELF when I was 12 and now I am 16 years old. I think I am the only V-ELF here but I want to make friends with all of you guys. Please follow me on Twitter:
    I love Super Junior.
    I love ELFs although wherever you live and I hope you love me too. My new friends!
    Nice to meet you and H A P P Y N E W Y E A R 2 0 1 4 !
    Happy birthday, Lee Sung Min ♥

  35. Hello..!! I’m Indonesian ELF . my name is Ela nice to meet you. I want to have ELF friends around the world, you can follow me on twitter @AhjussiAddict and i will follow you back. Hope we can be good friend in the future 😀

  36. Hello everyone , I am a E.L.F of Argentina, and I’d like Communicate with ELF from other countries of the world.
    My twitter is @Belus_elf !!

  37. Hey I’m Charley one of the few ELF’s in Belgium :p (my sis is one too) and there must be others to but I don’t know I wanna meet them though 😀
    if you want you can follow me on twitter and maybe FB to 😀
    twitter : @Charley_1990B

    Charley ELF Belgium :p

  38. hi i’m from mexico and proud to be ELF !!!! my name is Yuriko and i love super junior i hope i can become friends with all of you and meet people from other places…

  39. Im yesung fan from Japan.
    Wondering where to go in Seoul. Of course planning to go to W style & MouseRabbit! Where else to recommend?

  40. hai i’m an ELF from name is bias is siwon oppa..i love super junior since 2 years ago..i hope i can became friend with all of you..

  41. hi, i’m elf from Indonesia
    hope I can make a lot of friends here., ^o^
    to share info you can follow me @ELF_ParkMinGi
    and I’ll follow you back..
    nice to meet you… 🙂

  42. Yoyo~ I’m an ELF from California! It’s nice to meet everyone ;; Let’s be great friends! If anyone wants to talk please feel free to fangirl with me on Kakao!
    ID: Ishdonghaeswife

  43. Hello, fellow ELFs! I’m Ari from Indonesia. I am a people who can spazz oppas with you. Let’s be friends! n_n you can follow both of my accounts @npuspitarini @thepetitelady. Let me know if you want me to follow back! Thank you in advance! :333

  44. Hi!
    I’m from Mexico, I’m in the staff ELF Jalisco Mexico, we want to have contact with k-ELF, we would like to sopport you from here 😀

  45. Hellooo….
    I’m an INA ELF and my name is Andhee
    I want to make friends with everyone who can’t keep calm with Super JUnior (because I was, I am, and I will not stop fangirling when looking at them)
    please follow me @andheeELF and I’ll follow you back,
    Super Junior is my first and last Idol
    nice to meet you 😀

  46. Hi! I’m form Costa Rica. It’s a pleasure to meet more ELFs 😀 Thanks for all the projects and the information that give us in the website 😉 Suju ❤

  47. Hi im julie ann aslor 26 yrs of age. I do really love to make friends with you guys. Ive been following super junior when i was in high school way back 2005. Im captivated by their own character i mean their own uniqueness. Hope i can make freinds with you. Thank you and GODBLESS all

  48. Hi … I’m elf from Myanmar.Nice to meet you all, worldwide elfs.please follow me -twitter -@shane-pa .I’ll follow U back.I want to be friend with elfs from many different countries.
    Elf suju forever. ….

  49. Hi, a newly inducted ELF here… was first attracted to Heechul coz he reminds me of Asuka (later someone pointed out he likes Asuka!)… but then am melted by Mochi’s sweetness and adorableness… and for once, someone i can have an actual conversation with.. ooooooh, the possibilities! there was always language barrier between me and my bias before.. i don’t do twitter tho.. and no tumblr yet (coz my friends said tumblr is dangerous!) but if anyone is interested, you can add me on IG (bakaneko3)… nice seeing you all! and oh, i really appreciates the article translations… i learned a lot from reading these articles… thank you very much!

  50. Hi, I’m ELF from Malaysia. Nice to meet all elf. I hope i can be friend with all the elf from other countries. Let us love SUPER JUNIOR together. Be elf forever…. ELF AND SUJU

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