[WWE GIVEAWAY] Best Idea For Super Junior’s Comeback Wins OnDemandKorea Membership!

Hello ELF~!

We were brainstorming about what we should do to anticipate and celebrate Super Junior’s upcoming comeback in October 2017 and then we thought that we should open this question to everyone as well:

What should we do/prepare for Super Junior’s comeback as a fandom?

Tell us your ideas and you might just stand a chance to win 1 of the 2 premium memberships from OnDemandKorea! Be sure to follow us at @WorldwideELFs on Twitter to qualify as well.

Submit your entries on this Google doc:
(The idea/suggestion can be a link to a video, photo, etc. It’s up to you for how you want to explain it!)


OnDemandKorea is an American-based Korean entertainment website which specializes in subbed Kpop and variety show content which you can watch online legally!

The best ideas would stand a chance to win the premium membership** from OnDemandKorea and we will also look into the possibility of making the idea happen as a fan project.

** The chance to win the premium membership from OnDemandKorea is only open to the residents of North, South and Central America due to licensing.

For those of you who are not eligible for the premium memberships, you can and should still submit your ideas.

기대해도 좋아 let’s go!

DEADLINE: July 31, 2017 11:59 PM KST
WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: August 2, 2017 11:00 PM KST


Do you want to see 슈퍼주니어(Super Junior)? Select your city and make it happen!

MyMusicTaste, the company that has previously worked with artists like EXO, Block B and INFINITE, is interested in bringing Super Junior to a major city in  North America! If you want to see the boys of Super Junior LIVE, go to and MAKE their show today!


How to make your dream happen?


  1. Go to http://mymusictaste.com or  Click HERE
  2. Click on your City, use the Map, or Search for your City of choice then click “MAKE.” It will then lead you to your City specific concert campaign! If you do not see the city you would like to make, email support@mymusictaste.com with the city you want to add and they will add it for you.
  3. Before you CLICK “MAKE” do not forget to Sign Up first .. it’s pretty easy ^-^

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[PICS][131024] Super Show 5 Manila – Heechul Part 2 (23)

credit : AS TAGGED (pattipanda, allriseph, mightykyu, bonamama, baekpup)
via : 水晶小桃子@金希澈吧
Reupload : chulchuchul@worldwideelfs.com
Take with full credit, and do NOT CUT the logo


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