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Hello ELF~!

We were brainstorming about what we should do to anticipate and celebrate Super Junior’s upcoming comeback in October 2017 and then we thought that we should open this question to everyone as well:

What should we do/prepare for Super Junior’s comeback as a fandom?

Tell us your ideas and you might just stand a chance to win 1 of the 2 premium memberships from OnDemandKorea! Be sure to follow us at @WorldwideELFs on Twitter to qualify as well.

Submit your entries on this Google doc:
(The idea/suggestion can be a link to a video, photo, etc. It’s up to you for how you want to explain it!)


OnDemandKorea is an American-based Korean entertainment website which specializes in subbed Kpop and variety show content which you can watch online legally!

The best ideas would stand a chance to win the premium membership** from OnDemandKorea and we will also look into the possibility of making the idea happen as a fan project.

** The chance to win the premium membership from OnDemandKorea is only open to the residents of North, South and Central America due to licensing.

For those of you who are not eligible for the premium memberships, you can and should still submit your ideas.

기대해도 좋아 let’s go!

DEADLINE: July 31, 2017 11:59 PM KST
WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: August 2, 2017 11:00 PM KST


[PICS][110811] MNet Count Down Perfomance – Heechul (31P)

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Okashikawaii @ YT

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shimukendou @ YT



  • Before ELFs get in to Araneta, Securities not allowed for camera, phone with cam, placards and banners. They allowed for Light sticks.
  • SVIP left is almost full. Lower seats and general admission is packed.
  • The stage is completely different. no banners except sponsors’ banners
  • The place is so huge
  • There’s video on screen on Hyundai cars,
  • there are some vendors thet selling light sticks
  • Still many vacant seats
  • vip seats and gen ad sections full
  • Eunhyuk is doing great (cause he was sick )
  • People are taking pics n vids even they were not allowed to take some pic and vids

(LOL..there were many ELFs there,,, it called with : THE POWER OF ELFS ,, kekekekke)

  • Security can’t stop people there, Araneta is going crazy!! (YEAH … YOU GO ELFS)


The gate concert just opened (at  5.30 pm)

Angela recorded were playing inside concert building (at  5.30 pm)

the VTR start.. but there’s no presence of super junior (at  6.40 pm)

Sponsor Videos are playing while waiting to start (at 6.42 pm)

*Korean staff looks like sungmin make ELF screamin (LOL) (at 6.42pm)


Fans shouting when staff comes out of the stage. (At  6.44pm)

Commercial for Bench on screen ( at 6 .48)

All of ELF are singing happy birthday for Eunhyuk,siwon and zhou mi! ( at 6.50)

They heard “Welcome to super junior super show 2” from audio, then  people starting  to shout , they turned on their light sticks  (at 6.58)

super junior is not yet around… only announcement ( at  6.59)

ELFS are screaming for those advertisement (at  7.01)

..the boys havent come yet (7pm already )

Finnaly SS2 was STARTING (at 7.09)

Stage lights turned on and ELF start to turn on the stick (at  7.10)

All ELFS waving their light stick  (at 7.13)

VTR started and lights off  (at 7.13)

The boys popped out from nowhere and Video started  (at 7.16)

The boys are out now (at 7.21)

It started with Dancing out music  (at 7.23)

They sing :  A man in love then continued with  U  (at 7.24)

♥ After singing U, they took off their jackets♥

Noerago (It’s You)  (at  7.32)

♥ EunHyun and Shindong did a chest pump  ♥ 

♥Eeteuk appear with the black umbrella ♥

♥ Kyu was on the flat form above ♥


They introducing themselves after She wants It  and all of ELFS scream  (at 7.37)

♥Moonwalk by kyu he said “mabuhay” ♥

♥Siwon trying to opens sungmin’s shirt ♥

♥Donghae runs around the stage. ♥

♥Eeteuk throw his towel ♥

♥ Shindong spokes Tagalog, counted 1 to 10 (LOL) ♥

♥Sungmin showed some martial arts moves♥

Then they sang Angela (at 7.42)

♥Sungmin carried wookie ♥

♥Siwon jumps high and the boys are running to the center ♥

Time to Miracle (at 7.45)

♥DongHae starting to collect rainbow towel ♥

Disco drive (at 7.49)

♥ Dong Hae is holding siwon’s pic ♥

Kyu’s intro for Life couldn’t get better

♥ Heechul picked a flower in front of one of ELF ♥

Dancing Out now (at 7.54)

♥ eunhae hugging ultimately ♥

♥Kangin was  on the VCR  (at 7.55) ♥

 ♥Dong Hae holding a pic of hyuk, shindong looked at  one of SP’s * admin  (Lucky girl ^ __^) ♥

Beautiful Solo by Dong Hae (at 8.00)

Sungmin’s Solo  (at 8.02 )

♥Fans cheering ♥

Donghae’s Solo  

♥Lee Donghe and Eunyeuk danced♥

Yesung’s solo (at 8.03)

♥Fans cheering for Yesung♥

Ryeowook’s Solo – insomnia (at 8.06)

♥ Sexy girl came out♥

Kyuhyun’s solo (at 8.09)

♥ Kyu in a white tuxedo♥

What If by  KRY with Sungmin (at 8.13)

♥ Sungmin carried Wook like a bride during Angela ♥

Sungmin’s solo (at  8.57)

Heartquake (at 8.15)

♥ HEARTQUAKE Project on the moved♥

Deat at Heart – KRY with Eunhyuk (at 8.17)

Teukie’s solo  HONEY  (at 8.21)

Time for Heechul and Henry with  wookie hyuk –Tempation of Sonata (at 8.24)

♥ full of shouting ! ♥

♥ Heechul almost kissed Henry (naughty hee chul XP ) ♥

Another video in VTR  (at 8.28)

Dont Don at (at 8.29)

♥ Henry on the stage at 8.33♥

♥During dont don, DongHae kicked Enhyeuk again♥

Twins (at 8.37)

Another VCR shown (at  8.40)

♥ They’re showing clips with the 3 members missing. ♥

♥ Dong Hae is holding his with camera on his neck (they said it’s gift from baidu) (at  8.42) ♥

♥ they’re sitting on stage. ♥

♥ Ryeowook can’t stop coughing ( take some rest oppa >_<)♥

They sing Our Love

♥ kyu cracked his voice during One Love (He imitated Zhou Mi) ♥

♥ Heechul looks good♥

Video again  (at 8.45) 

Puff the magic dragon (at 8.47)

♥ Heechul is killing ELFs for being a dragon everyone is laughing♥

♥ Heechul dancing to muzik (4minute’s song) ♥

♥ Shindong and Heechul danced to “run devil run”♥


Henry’s solo (at  8.53)

Zhoumi’s solo (at 8.57)

♥  Filipino ELFS show the love for Zhou Mi and Henry ♥

Siwon’s solo – Who Am (at  9.01)

♥ Siwon said “because u sing for me I will sing for u forever” ♥

( He’s referring to the Siwon’s b’day project “Sing for U” )

SJ M –Blue Tomorrow  (at 9.05)

Henry took the part of Hangeng on blue tomorrow♥


( I will give you my shoulders to cry oppa XD )

♥ Zhoumi’s hairstyle is looks same with teukie♥

SJ M- Super Girl (at 9.10)

♥ Henry is cool with the black shades♥

♥ Everyone is dancing for Super Girl  (the vibe in SVIP left) ♥

Shining Star  they’re now on the screen (at  9.13 )

♥ Chul is wearing a flower necklace♥

♥ EunHyuk , Sungmin,Leeteuk ,KyuHyun cried♥

♥During Shining Star DongHae waved at hyukxenhae (SP’s admin)♥

Sorry Sorry Answer Video (at  9.00)

♥ Kangin on the MV of sorry sorry answer♥

♥ The boys are in white♥

They sing Sorry Sorry  (at  9.26)

♥ Donghae and Siwon are NOT wearing anything under their blazers (SEXYY) ♥

Chu on the screen   (at 9.29)

♥ everyone is crying inside the Areneta♥

Chu  now playing (at  9.33)

♥ Heechul so beautiful with new haircut♥

♥ Shindong  jumps over wookie , hyuk , hae , chul in his part♥

♥ Looks like shindong hurt his back (XP) ♥

Rokkugo !  (at 9.35)

♥ Chul and Leeteuk are doing push up (what are you doing LOL) ♥

♥ Eunhyeuk  and Shindong joined them♥

Sunny  (at 9.39)

♥ leeteuk kissed the camera♥

♥ They are now wearing cartoon characters hat. ♥

(they have new hat)

Pajama Party now (at 9.42)

♥ DOnghae got Xen’s (SP’s admin*) TOWEL!!!! (congratz girl ) ♥

♥ Elfs are cheering we want more ♥

Hee-cat’s story (at  9.48)

Carnival   (at 9.49 )

♥ They’re wearing character shirts♥

Wonder boy  (at 9.55)

♥ DongHae is fighting water gun with the ELFS on the SVIP in the right side♥

♥ water gun are allowed .. ♥

♥ his dongsaeng keep on flashing water on eeteuk ♥

Shindong poured water at him (Eeteuk)  then  Heechul and  DongHae sprays water♥

♥ kyu soaked the sponsors accidentally and kept saying sorry (LMAO) ♥

♥ Yesung  wearing Shutter shades. ♥

Marry you (at 10.01)

♥ Eunhyuk is wearing a shining shades blinking lights♥

♥ kyuHun says bye♥

♥ heechul coughing♥

♥ Hae throws a towel♥

♥ Henry wears the calvin klein boxer♥

♥ Siwons speech is english♥

♥ Shiwon not feeling well♥

♥ Kyu is bowing so long♥

♥ At the end, Yesung was singing his OST song before they left ♥

♥ Donghae keep pulling Yesung away by force (LOL) ♥

ELFs were going out at the stadium (at  10.18)





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hee chul hair is so cute and make me laugh XD

hee chul do his “peace” finger again,,, LOL

(he want to become different than the other member ~~naughty hee XD )


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