[OPEN] Admin, Translators, Graphic Designer

Hi ELF! WorldwideELFs is looking for a:

[OPEN] 1. Twitter admin
[CLOSED] 2. Chinese translator
[OPEN] 3. Korean translator
[CLOSED] 4. Graphic designer

Job Descriptions

[open] Admin: looks for news and pics, talks with our followers
[open] Chinese Translator: translates from Chinese to English & English to Chinese
[open] Korean Translator: translates from Korean to English & English to Korean
[closed] Graphic Designer: makes headers, themes, manages our blog, edits photos (using Photoshop for SJ official events)

If you are interested, please email  worldwideelfs@gmail.com with your application! If you cannot be active, it will be difficult for you to be part of our team ^^;;

Please remember, we really want active staff. REMEMBER TO BE ACTIVE.

[Application Format]

Twitter account:
I am able to be online: …hrs/day and …days/week
My bias(es):
(For applying to be an admin) Do you have experience as a past or current admin? Yes / No (If yes, please tell us your fanbase, fanpage, fansite, etc.)
(For applying for other positions) Do you have experience from a past or current fanbase/fansite/fanpage/etc.? Yes / No (If yes, please tell us which one.)
>>Do not be discouraged to not apply because you are not part of a fanbase, fanpage, etc. ^^

Do you have any experience with wordpress or weibo? Do you have an account for them?

Please answer these:

When did you become an ELF?
I want to be part of worldwideelfs because …
I will … if you accept me as one of your staff members. 

Let’s spread our love together, ELF! ^^


49 thoughts on “[OPEN] Admin, Translators, Graphic Designer

  1. Admin are you looking for 4 position right? I mean for 4 people? Not open for 1 person but do 4 job desc ? Thanks

  2. I just send my application for twitter admin. Will there any test or interview after staff receive my email?? Or???

  3. Hello dear elfs 🙂

    Let me know if you need a english-spanish translator…or french-spanish translator 🙂
    I’d love to be part of your staff and translate for other elfs 🙂

  4. I just sent in my application for being an admin on Twitter. May I please know how long it will take for you to make the decision? Thank You.

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