[OPEN] Weibo admin


Fluent in Chinese AND English,

If you are familiar with weibo, that’s good.

If you are familiar with how things work in the chinese fandom, even better.


if you are interested in becoming an admin for our weibo account, please fill in the form below and send it to 277671211@qq.com

1. Introduce yourself in Chinese and translate it into English.

2. Where are you from? Where are you now?

3. How old are you?

4. How many hours can you spend online everyday?

5. When are you usually online?

6. Weibo/Twitter account: [if you have one]

7. Translate this into English:


[try and translate the names as well><.]

8. What do you know about the chinese fandom?

[you can include what you think might be sensitive topics, some chinese internet language, etc]

9. What are your thoughts on Only13, Henmi, and Hangeng?

10. What do you know about crediting?


8 thoughts on “[OPEN] Weibo admin

  1. Hii….I’m hq….
    I’m fluently in Chinese,,read/ written..
    I’m kpop lover… Love Suju…
    I’m familiar with chinese society network for many years like QQzone,tencent weibo…even their messenger like qq messenger…
    And I hav recently signed up for my sina weibo…
    Well,first I’m so interesting for this opportunity..but I’m not good in English..so I’m give up..;p

  2. I love you SJ so mush keep goin your hard work tell you guys be the bast band in the world your fan hana good in your future ^_^

  3. i just fluent and really good in english and i malay so i can speak malay and understand indonesia but i cant speak chinese or write it i have FB acc and twitter 😦 i in process to learn it , BTW, Wo shenme minche ciao Shu Naim 🙂 my name i shu naim ^^

  4. Hi, this is Christine
    I am fluent in Chinese, but English is a bit bad…
    I am active in Chinese social network, eg QQ, weibo, tieba for a few years
    and i can use twitter too.
    I am afraid that i would make mistakes on translation…
    Can i apply it still?

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