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*use hangul for your name

FOR ID :USE  alphabet and NUMERIC

source : Get Ready for Super Junior’s 4th Album in 2010@fb
Reup and shared : chulchuchul@wwe

we wish we can help you to register soribada account ^^


Here for soribada details
If you DOWNLOAD musics at, it will be counted to Soribada chart as well as TV program charts like Music Bank. But for fairness treatment, repeating downloads in one account will not be counted systemically.

The chart at is same as ONE DAY BEFORE chart at due to the time difference, and your downloads at will also counted for the chart at

Soribada streaming service of is for assisting users to select musics and download them, so it is only one-minute-long. And one-minute streaming will not be counted to the chart.

Credits :
Please take with full credits!


2 thoughts on “SORIBADA TUTORIAL

  1. hi,so i just made an account at soribada coz they said it gonna help increase digital sales..
    and songs can be send as a gift to a friend and some says it will count to for digital sales. is it true?
    COz thats my plan for 6thjib..

    So for example im gonna gift mr.simple song to 20 of my friends is it counted as one or as 20 ?

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