150619 Super Junior-M’s Guest House Korean Travel Guide Book [15P]


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150615 Super Junior-M to Release Korea Travel Guidebook !

Super Junior-M′s travels in Korea will be published in a guidebook.

A rep from Super Junior-M′s agency, SM Entertainment, stated on June 15, “Super Junior-M′s Guest House: Let′s Play in Korea! will be released today.”

The travel guidebook will be a collection of the places the Super Junior-M members traveled to with fans on SBS variety show Super Junior-M′s Guest House in January.


The book is particularly special because the Super Junior-M members visited the 34 tourist attractions introduced in the guide themselves.

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150119 Super Junior-M Shares on Wrapping Up ‘Super Junior-M’s Guesthouse’

With Super Junior-M’s Guesthouse wrapping up, the Super Junior-M members shared on ending the show.

SBS’s Super Junior-M’s Guesthouse aired the final episode on January 18.

When asked if he has any regrets, Kyuhyun answered, “To be honest, the really good restaurants haven′t been revealed yet.” The special MC Heo Kyung Hwan commented, “Are you aiming for season 2?” bringing out laughter.
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