160318 Super Junior, EXO, Red Velvet and More Unite on New SM C&C Web Variety Show

SM C&C, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, is producing a new web variety show featuring some of SM’s brightest stars.

According to one media outlet, SM C&C is preparing a web variety show called “Earth Life Report” (working title) and all the guests have been cast. The first episode is scheduled to air near the end of March.

The show will run in a game show/quiz show format, in which prizes are awarded to the winners. The MCs for this show will be Super Junior’s Leeteuk, TRAX’s Jungmo, and Red Velvet’s Yeri. The guests for now will be idol group EXO.

As the show will be broadcast online and features some of SM’s most popular artists, people are anticipating a global response to the new program. The show will air for eight episodes on domestic portal sites as well as Chinese online platforms and social media.

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160306 Henry and Eric Nam Reveal Each Other’s True Personalities on “Best Man”


On March 5’s premiere episode of KBS’s pilot show “Best Man,” friends Eric Nam and Super Junior’s Henry joke about each other’s real personalities.

During his individual interview, Eric Nam says, “Henry is smart and also seems like a musical genius.” In his own interview, Henry comments, “I was so surprised, I had no idea Eric Nam was so popular. As his friend, I was really glad.”

That’s the end of their compliments, though! Henry goes on to say, “Eric Nam isn’t in his right mind. It’s all just his image. He’s really weird.”

“When we go out together, he always dances crazily,” he adds, doing an imitation of Eric Nam’s dancing.


“Oh my gosh! Henry said that?” asks Eric Nam. “Henry is really good at talking, but it’s all lies. You can’t believe what Henry says!”


The pair then go head to head in a game which Henry really struggles with. Eventually, Henry has to consult with Eric Nam on the answers, and the two guys talk in English as Eric Nam helps him.


Watch the video here!

“Best Man” is a survival show in which several talented young male stars from various fields battle it out to win the hearts (and votes) of the female panel and become chosen as the “Best Man.” It airs on Saturdays at 10:35 p.m. KST on KBS.

Source (1) via Soompi
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151012 Fans Donate to Multiple Charities, Build a Forest in Henry’s Name


Henry of Super Junior-M celebrated his birthday on October 11, and fans celebrated by donating to many charities in his name.

The Canada-born star, who turned 26 this year (27 Korean age), is known for being incredibly kind. Around New Year earlier this year, a fan witnessed him giving a gift certificate for Shinsegae worth 100,000 won (approximately $87) to an elderly woman selling snacks in Seoul’s Samsung Station. Following in his footsteps, fans around the world came together to donate to charity in Henry’s name.

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150916 Super Junior-M′s Henry Transforms into a Charismatic Music Teacher

Henry has transformed into a music teacher! He will make a special appearance on the September 17 broadcast of Disney Channel′s Mickey Mouse Club .


Henry, who revealed “This is my first time being a teacher,” appeared pleased by the fact that he had become the teacher and prepared a lecture on the topic he is good at and has confidence in, music, for the Mousketeers.

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150704 Super Junior-M’s Henry Cries Over Unhappy Memories While Practicing Violin on “Always Cantare”


Super Junior-M‘s Henry attempts to tackle a difficult piece on the violin in July 4′s episode of the tvN variety show “Always Cantare.” He works with a teacher to help him with a particularly hard part, but when he struggles with it he begins to look upset. He eventually stops playing and it’s clear that he’s started to cry.

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