[TUTORIAL] 160427 Vote for SJ via App in the Seoul Music Awards! 


Super Junior needs our help! The “Seoul Music Awards” is an awards ceremony held every year in Korea and for 2017, the awards will present a new prize that is only selected by fans’ voting, but many fans around the world don’t know that. 
We will update soon about the day the voting ends.  

To bring SJ to first place, install an app “팬덤스쿨beta” on the google app store! (https://t.co/l7xw3MdJKM) You can install the app if you have google account. The award is presented by accumulated votes for a year, and we can vote 10 times per day. 

Here are step-by-step photos starting from the App Store to clicking vote!

Let’s bring SJ to victory!!

Tutorial by fall_in_ryeo 

Posted by sapphir3bluu (http://WorldwideELFs.com/)

Take out with full and proper credits. Thank you! 


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