160420 Yesung talks about his solo album failing to receive spotlight

On April 19, Super Junior’s main vocalist Yesung released his 1st ever solo mini album, ‘Here I Am‘.

The next day, Yesung and fellow Super Junior member Kangin greeted fans through a special clip through Vyrl x Cookat x The Korean Tourism Organization, where Kangin asked Yesung to sing his new song while Kangin enjoyed his meal!

Then, Yesung commented, “‘Here I Am‘ is already… over… done for… I just want to place meaning to the fact that I was able to release a solo album, and I didn’t expect it to be all that successful…”

Hearing Yesung’s confession, Kangin remarked, “If you talk about it like that it’s kind of sad.” To which Yesung stated, “It is a little sad… since I worked hard on it for a long time… But I’ll just place meaning on the fact that it’s finally out.” 

Kangin then refuted, “Don’t lie.” Yesung, who laughed meekly, added, “I don’t really have an appetite anymore. But it is a song that I wrote 4 years ago.” 

Fans who heard Yesung express such sadness have commented, “TT oppa we’re sorry”, “It’s not over! It’s not over TT we’ll do better, don’t say that”, “SM, why don’t you promote the song? Please promote it, honestly…” and more.

Poor Yesung, he really seems disappointed! According to fans, Yesung’s title track “Here I Am” has recently been spotted at #96 on music charts. But it’s too early to call it over, don’t you all agree?



Source: allkpop
Posted by sapphir3bluu (https://worldwideelfs.com/)

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