Do you want to see 슈퍼주니어(Super Junior)? Select your city and make it happen!

MyMusicTaste, the company that has previously worked with artists like EXO, Block B and INFINITE, is interested in bringing Super Junior to a major city in  North America! If you want to see the boys of Super Junior LIVE, go to and MAKE their show today!


How to make your dream happen?


  1. Go to or  Click HERE
  2. Click on your City, use the Map, or Search for your City of choice then click “MAKE.” It will then lead you to your City specific concert campaign! If you do not see the city you would like to make, email with the city you want to add and they will add it for you.
  3. Before you CLICK “MAKE” do not forget to Sign Up first .. it’s pretty easy ^-^

How does the system work?

Grey Stage
Makers are expected to complete Daily Missions in addition to an overall 300 “Make” goal in order to move on to the Yellow Stage. For each Daily Mission you complete, you will receive points. The Top 10 point earners will get benefits toward the concert when it is made.


1. Making a Concert:


  • Before you can “Make” a city, you must verify your account either by a phone text or credit card (optional). When you click “Make” you will be prompted with this screen.
  • Once your account is verified, go back and click “Make”! This time your make will be counted! ^^

2. Daily Missions!
Log in DAILY to complete these missions. We must complete 60 Daily Missions to move on to the Yellow Stage!

  • Mission Type 1 – Sharing x 50 – ( 55 Points )
    Share with as many friends as you can! With these invite links that you and other ELF send out, your friends will need to successfully “Make” the concert in order for you to receive points.


  • Mission Type 2 – Survey x 30 – ( 25 Points )
    This is pretty straight forward – Login, answer a question.


Yellow Stage (unknown)
Although I cannot view it, I was told it had similar Daily Missions as the Grey Stage and included the Venue and Promoter Recommendations like the previous version of the site. It also includes the ticket packages you saw before if you verified your account. I assume we will also have a 1,000 “Make” goal based on the percentage numbers we see for each city.

Green Stage
This means your artist is coming FOR SURE. Your ticket package will be verified before this point. Between the Yellow Stage and the Green Stage, MyMusicTaste takes the information you’ve provided them through the Daily Missions and how many fans you’ve gotten to sign up and begins the negotiation process with the Artist’s company. In the end, the final decision is with the Artist’s company. So if a campaign doesn’t work out, it is likely because there are conflicts on the Artist’s side of the table.

**We will update this post again later as we receive more details. But for now since credit cards are optional, these details aren’t as important.**

Other useful places on the site!

  • My Activity: Campaigns
    Here you can manage the Invitations you’ve sent out. If someone has clicked on your link and verified their account, but has not gone back and “Made” the concert, you can shoot them a reminder email here!




Good Luck! Hope you can meet Super Junior in your country ^-^

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