151205 Hangeng talks about SM Entertainment, Super Junior and EXO’s former members

hangeng_1449208329_af_orgFormer Super Junior member Hangeng is gaining attention in Korea again because of a recent, personal interview with a Chinese news source. He talked about leaving SM Entertainment, Super Junior, as well as EXO’s former members.

In his recent interview with Chinese media company Sina, he shared, “I’m proud of terminating my contract with SM Entertainment. After I left, two laws changed regarding foreign members in Korea. [I was able to help] ensure the benefit for the growing number of Chinese in Korea’s entertainment industry.”

Hangeng was also asked about Luhan, Kris and Tao.

He replied, “I was the first Chinese member to debut in Korea, so I am different from them. Because of me, the number of companies foreigners were able to apply to expanded from 7 agencies to 10 agencies. The contract period shortened from 13 years to 7 years. After I left Korea, Chinese members received this kind of guarantee. The pay increased as well. How can you compare me to them?

Hangeng also shared how he still keeps in touch with Super Junior members!

He said, “I have a very good relationship with the Super Junior members. I only have different opinions from the company, I have no problem with the people. I still keep in touch with the Suju members and SM staff. We occasionally drink together and eat together. For example, the nuna that trained me during my trainee days, came to my 10 year anniversary concert and personally cheered for me. The health coach comes on site too.”

When asked about how his leaving SM Entertainment was seen, he shared his honest thoughts.
He said, “Incidents are reflected exactly the way entertainment reporters write them. Only the person who experienced the event knows and everyone else doesn’t know. You can’t even tell an external source. If you do, someone else could unintentionally get hurt. A lot of things are complicated. It’s unfair but you can’t do anything but endure it.

He was asked why he focused on acting over singing in China.

He replied, “I’m 31 years old. For an actor, that’s a young age. If you change your identity from a singer to an actor, because of your stage image, there are difficulties from controversy about your acting skills. So you can’t help but work hard at filming. Not just in one or two movies, but I will continue to show my hardworking self.”


Source: allkpop
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