#WWELFforSJ10 WorldwideELFs Project for Super Junior’s 10th Anniversary ! [13P]

To celebrate Super Junior’s 10th Anniversary, WorldwideELFs did a 10-Day countdown and D-Day-Hearts finger project !!!
With the aim of spreading the love for our boys and to celebrate this special occasion with ELF from all around the world, we came out with ‘mission questions’ to engage everyone in this project ^^ #WWELFforSJ10

Countdown Project .
Teaser Image: Day-10
P Day10

Theme: All about SJ !
P Day9 P Day8 P Day7 P Day6

Theme: All about ELF ^^
P Day5 P Day4

Theme: All about SJ and ELF ❤
P Day3 P Day2 P Day1

Heart Finger Project for D-Day ~

Pictures collage – Will be given to SJ (Placed in their cafes ^^)

Everyone, thank you for your participation ! ^-^

Keep supporting and cheer for our boys, Super Junior ❤ ELF ~ Fighting ! ^^
SJELF = Forever ❤


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