151102 Kyuhyun Laments “The Day We Felt the Distance” in Surprise MV


Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun dropped a surprise new ballad on fans, as well as a music video to go along with it.

Kyuhyun, who recently released his second solo album “Fall, Once Again” and is currently promoting “A Million Pieces,” dropped the new digital single at midnight KST on November 3 to Korean streaming sites. The track is titled “The Day We Felt the Distance,” and the lyrics describe the heartbreak of losing a sweet love and a longing to return to the past.

The music video was simultaneously uploaded to the official SMTOWN YouTube channel. Though Kyuhyun doesn’t appear in the music video itself, it is still a touching video nonetheless. It follows a couple who are working through a breakup while reminiscing on happier times.

Kyuhyun previously explained the reason behind the sudden new single was to show a side of himself that he wasn’t able to properly express in “Fall, Once Again.”

In other news, Kyuhyun’s first solo concert, also titled “Fall, Once Again,” is completely sold out for all seven shows. The concert will be held at the SMTOWN COEX Artium from November 5 through the 8, and again from November 13 through the 15.

It seems that Kyuhyun is certainly determined to earn his crown of the “Ballad Prince”! Check out the music video below.

credit: soompi
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