131028 [STARCAST] Cheering students for university entrance exam at the school Kyuhyun graduated [44P]

This is Yeomgwang High School.


In fact, students feel






and do other things when they gather at assembly hall.


But, they show enthusiastic response all of sudden.
Holding balloons on the hands and applause.
Your senior Kyuhyun’s here

The person who deserved this applause was Kyuhyun. He’s the youngest member of SuperJunior but he is a great senior here. Because Kyuhyun graduated from Yeomgwang High School.

It was October 23. Kyuhyun met his juniors at Yeomgwang High School in Nowon-gu, Seoul. He came over during tight schedules to meet the students before university entrance exam.

“Soon it’s time to take an exam. I wanted to present special memory to the students who must be exhausted by studying. By the way, would students like me?” (Kyuhyun)


After lunch time, students went back to class. Kyuhyun appeared at quiet school. He was lost in old memories by looking around.

“Yeomgwang High School is where my shameful history exists. I took the graduation photo that I want to delete in my memory from here. It has been changed a lot. But still I’m glad to come again. ” (Kyuhyun)


“Are you climbing over the wall?”
131600088_10 131600330_11
Yeomgwang High Shool students were watching educational program at the moment. They look so bored. No one expected to see Kyuhyun.
131600782_13 131601011_14
Kyuhyun appeared !
131601208_15 131601413_16
It was a moment to solve Kyuhyun’s worry. Where have all bored students gone? Thunderous applause resonated in the assembly hall.
131608045_17 131608513_19 131608282_18

Kyuhyun prepared 3 songs for the students. The song released recently for the 2nd mini album, ‘A Million Pieces’, ‘Remember Me’ and his first solo song ‘At Gwanghwamun’.

Doesn’t matter if the stage is small. Doesn’t matter if the sound system’s not good. Kyuhyun tried hard to sang out in front of the students. He sang out seriously by looking at each of the student.
131608926_21 131609135_22 131609401_23

By the way, Kyuhyun has wonderful juniors. Although he sang the new song, students sang along together. Kyuhyun enjoyed listening students’ singing by putting his microphone down.


Sing together ~

131613831_25 131614068_26 140747175_27%2528%25BF%25F2%25C2%25A9%2529

Is he excited with enthusiastic response? Kyuhyun danced for highlight dance of ‘Sorry Sorry’. Students gone wild because of the surprising dance!

131615266_28 131615481_29 131615711_30 131616038_31

There’s no such a senior like him. Kyuhyun came down the stage while singing the last song ‘At Gwanghwamun’. It was because he wanted to meet the students closer.

He went around the hall from the beginning of the song until it finishes. Kyuhyun was shaking hands with every student. Smiled for every student calling him.

131620623_35 131620431_34 131620203_33 131616261_32

Were there only girls gone wild? Boys also came to hold Kyuhyun’s hand. Kyuhyun showed off the popularity like a girl group.


Even teachers!


Kyuhyun’s event has been finished successfully. It was meaningful time for Kyuhyun and students.

“I wanted to become an adult when I was at your age. But it’s the best time in a life now. You can do whatever you want to do. It doesn’t have to be a study. Find what you want to do and do it hard. For you not to regret.” (Kyuhyun)

131621716_39 131621962_40 131627664_41

Maybe this is what senior thinks. Kyuhyun encouraged students until he gets out of the hall. By saying “Good luck for your exam” and “I’ll visit again”.

He showed bright smile although students came wild. He worried about the girls instead to be careful.

131628134_43 131628346_44 131628568_45
Fan service until the end ~

News/Photo = Park In Young (Dispatch)
Source: http://m.star.naver.com/superjunior/news/end?id=6391790&langCode=en#
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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