151012 Fans Donate to Multiple Charities, Build a Forest in Henry’s Name


Henry of Super Junior-M celebrated his birthday on October 11, and fans celebrated by donating to many charities in his name.

The Canada-born star, who turned 26 this year (27 Korean age), is known for being incredibly kind. Around New Year earlier this year, a fan witnessed him giving a gift certificate for Shinsegae worth 100,000 won (approximately $87) to an elderly woman selling snacks in Seoul’s Samsung Station. Following in his footsteps, fans around the world came together to donate to charity in Henry’s name.

The Henry Fanclub Union, a network of fan sites from 14 different countries across the globe, teamed up to donate 10 million won (approximately $8800) worth of shoes and clothes from the outdoor wear brand AKIII Classic, which Henry endorses, to the Good Neighbors NGO.

Fans also raised money from September 15 to September 30 in hopes to rebuild a forest in Taiwan that was ravaged due to Typhoon Dujuan. However, due to difficulty in obtaining permission from the Taiwanese government, the Fanclub Union has decided to build the forest in Seoul instead.

In addition, fans donated about 3 million won (approximately $2600) worth of books, clothes and basic living necessities to a children’s shelter in Gangnam. Last year, fans donated clothes to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and donated lunch boxes to hungry children and the elderly in Korea.

One fan said, “We chose to follow Henry’s lead and donated to charities as a special birthday gift to him. I hope that people far and wide can hear about this and also follow the precedent he set.”

Credit: soompi
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