150924 Super Junior’s Choi Siwon on V app ! – Jokes With Fans About His Beard


On the evening of September 23, Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon delighted fans with his own personal live broadcast on Naver’s V app to promote his new MBC drama “She Was Pretty.”

With a laptop sitting in front of him, he reads fan questions and responds to their requests with no shortage of his famous hilarious expressions and reactions.

At first he’s overwhelmed by the number of emoticons in the chat room so he decides to simply talk to his fans. “How have you been? I’ve really missed you. The month after next, I’ll be leaving for a bit to fulfill my military duty. Since I’ve been doing my duty as a taxpayer and a worker, I’ll have to say goodbye for a bit to do my military duty now,” he says with a chuckle. Choi Siwon will be enlisting in the army on November 19 for his mandatory two-year service.

“A lot of people are talking about my beard though,” he says as he reads the comments. He explains that his character in “She Was Pretty” is a bit of a free spirit and only shaves when he feels like it. After he reads some more comments, he says to the viewers, “You say my beard is strange?” He looks straight into the camera and tilts his head cutely. “Why? Is it strange?” he says with a laugh, and tells fans to tell the writer how they feel.


When asked who the “atmosphere maker” on set is, he laughs to himself and confidently replies, “It’s me.” A lot of fans request that he perform his dance to Michael Jackson‘s famous song “Billie Jean” from the show. He gets up from the chair and explains it’s not actually Michael Jackson’s dance, he’s just grooving along with the song. “I’m grateful that you all like it so much,” he says.


A fan asks him to show off a bit of a “Hollywood action” acting technique. He pretends to be thinking about it and then suddenly gasps and jumps back in his chair, doing a hilarious overreaction to someone’s comment that simply said he was handsome. “That sort of thing is ‘Hollywood action,’” he explains, and then points at the crew. “Everyone here was shocked!”


Someone says, “Just smile for us,” and Choi Siwon replies, “I am smiling! With the beard that all of you like so much. Smile!” Later on he tells a fan, “Sometimes I don’t like my beard either.”


When asked if he’s got a girlfriend, Choi Siwon says, “I’m single. If there’s someone good out there for me, I hope she’ll appear in front of me. Right now!” As he wraps up, he gives fans some tiny hearts with his fingers and a kiss through the camera.


Watch the whole show here:

You can watch Choi Siwon every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC’s “You Are Pretty.”

Credit: soompi
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