140925 [STARCAST] “He was so funny” Siwon’s ultimate facial expressions [37P]

We canning miss out mentioning eyes for him.


He speaks with eyes.
“In ordinary life?”
It’s as sweet as honey.
Gentle smile is a bonus.

But when he is looking at Hye-jin (a role played by HWANG JUNG EUM)?
There is it!
The comic instinct.

They are the funny couples in these days, right? The couple appearing at MBC-TV ‘She Was Pretty’, Siwon and HWANG JUNG EUM. In particular, Siwon’s acting is called ‘hard carry’ as a coinage.

‘Dispatch’ visited MBC drama studio on September 20. I could meet Siwon transformed into feature editor.

Do you want to see his acting with eyes? Of course. He has shown Hollywood action as weel. I will reveal that fun site right now.


Siwon is playing a role as Kim Shin-hyuk, feature editor of magazing ‘MOST’. He plays silly jokes all the time and playful character.

“He’s like an old fox but considerate person. Smart and free-spirited. Active personality is similar to me. ” (Siwon)


Exhausted Shin-hyuk enjoys working in these days.  It’s because of her.


So-called, a crash on the way to work.


“I… I think I lost my front teeth” (Kim Hye-jin)


“Huh? That’s my Xylitol gum” (Kim Shin-hyuk)145003972_11

They squabble every time when they meet. They release perfect suitability from the camera rehearsal. According to one of the staff, they are funnier during rehearsal.

In particular, Siwon showed impressively funny acting in this scene. The scene he puts Kim Hye-jin in trouble. His smirking act is top of the world. It looks like the climax of smirk charm.


But when he reads the script, his eyes turn to ‘real’ eyes. Actually this is Siwon’s last work before his enlistment. Why did he choose ‘She Was Pretty’?

“People are living in tough world in these days. I wanted to do a drama that can make exhausted people laughter. When could I meet those actors again? “


 Fans have worked too for Siwon who is working hard. The fans treated staff with excellent food and beverage. The fans in 20 countries worked together to prepare food truck.

“It is the last work before his enlistment. We hope him to enjoy working after having a meal provided by us. We hope this food can cheer him up. ” (Fan)

145011247_24 145011437_25 145011638_26 145011848_27 145012092_28

I recommend ‘Siwon -means cool in Korean’ beverage. On this day, Siwon played a role as a cafe owner. He took the order.

“Thanks a lot for the fans. I want to be with them forever. I want to have a camp fire at my grandma’s house in countryside with fans”

145012504_30 145012688_31 145012898_32 145016410_33

Q. Question about ‘She Was Pretty’. I have done one question and one answer. Let’s find out the moodmaker in the shooting site.


Q. You are appearing with bushy beard. Are you not worried about your appearances?

“It is different for men and women’s judge about appearances. All the women ask me to shave it. (Laugh) In fact, the director actually casted me after looking at my magazine photo with beard. “

Q. It’s the hidden secret of the drama. Who is the son (with surname Kim) of Jin-sung company of ‘MOST’?

“The actors also wonder about it. We asked the scriptwriter during script reading time, but she said it’s top secret. Perhaps it will be revealed at the end of the drama. Of course, I don’t know as well.”

145016789_35 145016992_36

Q. Can you be the one? Since your surname is ‘Kim’.

“All the people in editing team are ‘Kim’. Since Shin-hyuk is an unveiled character, I anticipate a little bit. But then it could be too obvious I guess.”

Remember to watch siwon in action!
source: http://m.star.naver.com/superjunior/news/end?id=6143046&langCode=en#
News=Hwang Soo Yeon (Dispatch)
Photo = Seo Yi Joon (Dispatch)
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