150903 Kim Kibum Lands First Drama Role After Leaving SM Entertainment!

After recently leaving SM Entertainment on amicable terms, Kim Kibum has landed a new drama role.
On September 3, it was revealed that Kim Kibum will be acting in the web drama “Cursed Romance” (working title) which has been written by Lee Young Sook. He will acting as Lee Sung Joon who is described as a cold, city-guy type reporter. Actress Kwak Ji Min will be acting alongside him. Filming is expected to start in October.
Kim Kibum commented, “The script was so much fun. That’s why [I] was able to select it without hesitation. I look forward to meeting fans after preparing diligently, starting with the script reading session.”
This web drama will be the actor’s first Korean project in three years.
Production company Buena Vista stated, “Since we have received a lot of attention from Korea and China, we will return the favor with a good project through Kim Kibum.”
Are you looking forward to seeing the former Super Junior member in this drama?
Source (1) via Soompi

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