[KCON ’15] WorldwideELFs goes to KCON! Giveaways and Projects for KCON goers!

  Good day everyone! 

As you know, WorldwideELFs has grown over the years and now we’ve become the #1 fanbase with the most followers. As a thank you for following us, we would like to give away some items during KCON LA 2015. 

What are you giving out? 

Just some examples ^^ We have more items than thisใ…‹ (There is a Siwon photo card inside Swing.)

How can I get some free SJ goodies?

  • Search “sapphir3bluu” on LINE or Twitter. Message one of the two. I (Sarah) will DM on Twitter. I will talk to you to arrange how to give you a freebie and tell you a secret code to find me during the convention to get my attention. 
  • Make sure you’re following us on Twitter! 

If you don’t prefer LINE or Twitter, send a DM to WorldwideELFs and we will do our best to arrange something!

*We can’t guarantee everyone gets an item if items are gone or certain circumstances cannot be done.* 

What projects are there for KCON?

We have a fanchant project with USA ELF! Check out our other post HERE for more info^^ Let’s support SJ and show them the U.S. is somewhere worth coming back to ๐Ÿ™‚  


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