150531 Super Junior′s Leeteuk Speaks on 10 Year Anniversary, Acting Plans and More

Looking back on the past ten years, Super Junior′s Leeteuk shared his honest thoughts about how far he′s come in his career.

In a recent photo shoot with @star1, Leeteuk talk about Super Junior, his individual activities and vision for the future.

Now that ten years since Super Junior debut has crept up on the star, Leeteuk shared, “It really only feels like a number. Ten years passed by so quickly that I don′t even remember it. I′m still reminded of November 6, 2005 (Super Junior′s debut date) and I still feel like a rookie. But all of a sudden, I have this thought that we′re the oldest group by age, and I′m surprised all over again. But even now, whenever I go up on stage, I still feel like a rookie.”


Leeteuk also shared that Super Junior is planning something special for its 10th anniversary.
“We′re planning on a new album. Because it′s our 10th year, it′s even more meaningful for us,” explained Leeteuk. “We thought that we should gather one more time before the other members enlist. When and how we′ll promote this, there′s nothing planned out. Yesung has now returned and we′re in the middle of gathering songs. If you have a good song, please contact us.”

Now a master MC after much practice through several variety shows, Leeteuk was asked about future acting plans.

“If the opportunity presents itself,” said Leeteuk. “I actually receive a lot of offers, but because my image as a variety MC is quite strong, I′m a tad burdened about acting.” He continued, “Someone I knew asked what I thought about appearing in a webdrama, but once I thought about doing it, I lost confidence.”

“If someone will allow me to act, I want to do it one day. It doesn′t have to be a lead role. I like taking things one step pat a time. I am greedy for dramas or movies. I did a musical once in the army, and it was pretty fun.”


On the difference between Leeteuk the Super Junior member and Leeteuk the MC, he said, “On stage, I become the main character. But on programs, I think I become happy seeing someone else′s happiness. On stage, I receive the spotlight and the fans cheer me on. I′m happy with the fact that I can sing and run around, because even a wave of my hand can give fans something to smile and cry about.”

“But in broadcasts, I don′t need to be the main character, and I feel satisfaction in hearing someone else′s story and seeing that person be happy. I should actually be enjoying the stage more, but if in the past, I did things that I enjoyed, I want to now do things that I can do better in,” explained Leeteuk.


“There are so many people who sing and dance well. Even the Super Junior members aren′t perfect. Even if I sing all the time, I know I can′t be like Lim Jae Beom sunbaenim.”

“I think it′s also a skill to look at reality straight in the eye and move forward according to that.”

The full interview will be included in the June issue of @star1.

Credit: CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

Picture credit: @star1

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