150521 Super Junior Choi Siwon Explains the Difference Between Singing and Acting

Super Junior′s Choi Siwon revealed the difference between his singing and acting activities.

On May 21, Choi Siwon attended the press screening of the movie Helios at the Lotte Cinema neart Konkuk University.

“Ahead of Super Junior′s debut, I let my face ben shown through the movie Battle of Wits, so the Chinese film industry seems to remember that a lot. I′ve become more careful not to make any big mistakes,” said Choi Siwon.


“I think the difference between singing and acting is responsibility,” continued Choi Siwon. “Super Junior′s image is bright and friendly, so even if there are several mistakes on stage, most people tend to understand. But acting is different. I feel 100 percent of the responsibility when it comes to individual activities and projects.”

“I′ve known Shawn Yue, who appears in the movie with me, since a while back,” said Choi Siwon. “In Hong Kong, the relationship between an actor and director is pretty horizontal. They create a comfortable environment. That′s the difference in comparison to Korea.”

Helios is an action, spy movie about Korea, China, and Hong Kong teaming up to find a stolen nuclear device for each country′s benefit.

The movie stars Korea′s Ji Jin Hee, Choi Siwon, Yoon Jin Yi, Lee Tae Ran, Kim Hye Sook, as well as China′s Cheung Hok Yau, Nick Cheung, Shaw Yue, Wang Xue Qi, Chang Chen, and more. The movie premieres May 28.

Credit: Newsen Kim Hyung Woo
Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong
Photo Credit: Newsen/Pyo Myung Joong

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