150408 GOT7′s Jackson Says Super Junior-M′s Henry Helped Him A Lot During Trainee Days

GOT7′s Jackson opened up about his close friendship with Super Junior-M′s Henry and f(x)′s Amber.

Jackson′s foreigner friends, fellow GOT7 member Bam Bam, f(x)′s Amber and Super Junior-M′s Henry, gathered at the sharehouse on the April 7 broadcast of SBS′ Roommate.


On the day′s episode, Jackson revealed how he got to know the other idols, sharing “I knew Henry hyung since before my debut when I first came to Korea.”

Thinking back on that time, Jackson continued, “During a time when I was uneasy about whether or not I would be able to debut, hyung really helped me out a lot.”

Jackson also revealed how he became friends with Amber, saying “I got close to Amber while living one floor below her dorm. I′ve known Amber for three and a half years now.”

Meanwhile, season two of Roommate will conclude with a final episode on April 14.

credit: CJ E&M enewsWorld Nancy Lee

Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)

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