[Trans] 150320 ‘Sukira’s Ryeowook, idol? NO~ Neighbourhood oppa’ [4P]


1. What’s the difference between being a DJ and a singer? 

Super Junior Ryeowook shines, wants to shine and wants to be someone who is anticipated. This is the role of an idol. But as a DJ, Ryeowook is not a celebrity but like a neighbourhood oppa or a boyfriend, spending time comfortably with listeners everyday. However, sometimes I also want to be a mysterious man who’s not easy to get close to. Haha…

2. The charm of Ryeowook’s “diagnosing” Sukira that makes people fall for it, just what is it?’

Since I’m in Sukira, I can be talked to anytime? It can take up a lot of time, but through calls I can meet listeners every day. There’s many instances where I can talk as a (relatable) oppa. I feel it gives me many opportunities to offer comfort to those people spending their free time listening to the radio. It’s a format that originally wasn’t there but one day when I was doing a call-in one of the producers was watching and said ‘Oh? Ryeowookie’s even good at call-ins?’ and felt that. I think I showed my competency at being a DJ that’s able to draw people’s stories out.


3. It seems uncomfortable to be sitting in the same position every day

Honestly while DJing there are hard times. Whenever the listeners tell me only about the hard times they are having, I think ‘Why are you like this to me’. At times like this even I have a hard time and get tired. That’s why once a week I go to the members with a ‘Sukira DJ’s request’. Then I can be like the listeners and gain comfort too (from members). The words I say as comfort suddenly echo back to me.

4. So what song do you want to give as a present for listeners you want to comfort? 

When your heart feels tangled, listen to Bily Acoustie. His voice alone is enough to console. So I want to recommend the song ‘Days of Disturbance’. It feels like a song many will like upon listening.

5. How is DJ Ryeowook different from other generation DJs Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Sungmin etc?

I think I am sensitive like an ahjumma. Haha. It’s all thanks to those I previously worked with for radio such as Choi Hwajeong and No Sayeon. At that time they told me ‘A DJ is not one who talks, but one who listens’. So even though I’m not someone who is extremely eloquent, I feel that I can at least be a gift by being a listener to those who seek consolation. This seems to be my strength.

6. That’s why it’s like this? Park Sohyun pointed out Ryeowook as the DJ she’s paying the most attention to. 

I’m really thankful. I’m a fan of Park Sohyun and listen to her radio a lot, yet she mentions me. Haha. This makes me feel like I have to do even better.  I feel that Sukira isn’t a radio celebrities listen to. Park Sohyun DJ is seriously charismatic and I have much to learn from her. Sounds arrogant yet warm-hearted, that kind of feeling? I believe that having many ‘colours’ is a big weapon to being a DJ.



7. What do you gain and lose from Sukira? 

I gained the presence of Super Junior Ryeowook, and without DJing I would not be this active. I’d be just known as an (average) idol member, and not as a pretty one who is good in singing. On the other hand, I lose my personal time. Anyone would want to drink at 10~12 at night right? My friends drink while watching fun dramas, while every day for 2 hours I’m doing radio. It’s not easy. But still, it’s because of this that sincere Ryeowook is here.

8. A song to you want to compare Sukira with? 

I think of ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’, a song from American musical Jersery Boys’ OST. It’s a song everyone knows, and I want Sukira to be a program that everyone is familiar with too. Give it a listen to it, you won’t find another program like this. I think I have to put in even more effort right?

Credit: ryeongbb

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