[Trans] 150320 Kangin for Magazine M (January 2015) [P]


(I skipped the questions that are solely related to the movie)

1. You challenged acting after returning from the army in 2012.
In early 2013, I read scripts that was given to me by a friend like a book to pass time. Then I saw the script for Cat Funeral. As someone who experienced love and farewell, I felt close to it. I like gentle, mellow movies like ‘If Only’ (2004, by Gil Junger) and ‘Wanee & Junah’ (2001, by Kim Yonggyun), and this has a similar feel.

2. The movie shows the whole process of Donghoon and Jaehee from when their start to the end, and the change of heart and situations are shown well.
It’s all thanks to the director. I acted in ‘Hello, Schoolgirl’ (2008, by Ryu Janghwa), but this is my first lead role so I was burdened. It wasn’t easy for Donghoon to smile during the early stages of filming. It’s hard to act as someone else. So I had to work hard to immerse myself in the role. If you have the will to do it, it’s possible. It’s what I learnt from being on stage for so long.

3. In the beginning, when Jaehee and Donghoon started their love, it was acted out so naturally.
There were many kiss scenes, and in reality they were awkwardly done and we got scolded. Since we filmed these parts before Seyoung and I got close. But it was less awkward doing the scenes on the bed when we got close (laughs).


7. The cat is an important role in this movie.
In Super Junior’s dorm, Heechul hyung who I live with has been raising a cat named Heebum for 10 years. So it’s obviously not unfamiliar to me. Lovers shouldn’t give one another pets as gifts, or else they will miss and worry about the pet after breaking up.


10. Jaehee is a lively bubbly woman. Do you like such women in reality?
I extremely liked them in my 20s (Laughs). But it has slowly changed. Recently I like calm and relaxed women.

11. Somehow you seem like you date a lot?
Seems like it right? I’m depressed (Laughs). Among the friends I drink with there are many who are dating and there are many girls I know but they’re not available. If we speak of celebrity friends I only have Super Junior. I’m looking back at my 20s and regretting. It’s not about dating, but that you can get to meet your peers throughout your life but I couldn’t really do that. I have the nature of really feeling the loneliness of being an only son so I think the people around me are very important.

12. Loneliness strikes unexpectedly.
Sometimes I worry over how it will be like when I’m older and am lonely without anyone around me. During army I missed my family and friends a lot. Thankfully I had friends that I knew since middle school. My friends who visit me in army, and who take care of my parents during their birthdays when I have overseas performances. It’s happiness when I meet with them in the neighbourhood for supper at night. There was once we went to a club in Gangnam with high hopes, but embarrassingly, we came out after an hour. Instead, we went to eat pork chops (Laughs).

13. I felt great loneliness during my scandals 5 years ago.
As time passed I don’t question the criticism that I received from people then. I only feel greatly apologetic to my family, friends, Super Junior members and fans who have always supported me. This is a eternal debt for me. With time I talked to members with an apologetic heart. The things I do are quite disastrous but I want to be remembered as a fun hyung.

14. It’s been 11 years since debuting as Super Junior. During this time, you participated in music, acting and even variety. Which are you most attached to? 
My first priority is always Super Junior. Even if a lot of time pass, I would still have the same answer. It doesn’t seem like the time for acting. It’s something I’m fascinated by and have always been interested in but I’m still lacking in many ways to reveal my goals.

15. What is the field of movies to you?
I like it a lot. Even when I was a student, my friends and I had fun filming short films. I enjoyed Cat Funeral and Hello Schoolgirl. Although I like blockbuster movies, but movies like Cat Funeral are more heartwarming. As much as I feel attached to this movie, I hope it receives a lot of love too.

Credit: ryeongbb

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