[Trans] 150305 Siwon for Esquire Magazine March 2015 [11P]


1. You filmed the movie Dragon Blade with internationally famous Jackie Chan.It’s something I’m thankful for. We guested together on the variety program Happy Together. After recording, he told me to go to his hotel room. At that time, this movie was still in the making, and I wanted to participate. It was a situation where it was in the middle of casting and a youthful man was needed, and he thought of me. This is what I’m thankful for. This movie has good material and I was interested.

2. Hollywood stars John Cusack and Adrien Brody are in it, like a masterpiece where east meets west.
During filming, with Adrien Brody watching my acting, I had NGs. I laughed while saying ‘Watching you act, I forgot how to act, Oscar guy.”, and he laughed along. There’s also many times I was touched by Jackie Chan. Firstly, he thinks of the environment. Even at filming location, we did recycling. Secondly, his affection towards staff. There’s doctors on standby for if staff gets injured. He personally goes to buy bread for staff if they want some. And another, is his looking forward to next generation, he thinks of the future well. Throughout the development of the filming, from getting good equipment to taking care of the rookie actors, he’s so meticulous. I want to be such a person. I want to say that through his movie, I have now set another target for myself.


3. Jackie Chan is your mentor.
Asia’s representative actor is no other than Jackie Chan. I feel that this is what I want. When you think of Jackie Chan, you naturally think that there’s no other in China. After being with him and going to countries together, I just know I want to follow him.

4. When youthful men are in movies, it gives off a feeling of freshness rather than the role’s impact.
I play a role that has a reversal, General Yinpo. The editing makes everything flow well. A character that sacrifices eventually.

5. Dragon Blade is a chinese film that will premiere locally after it does worldwide. What image should the audience anticipate you as?
Haha. Really there’s no need. I just simply hope it’s a movie that leaves good memories. As an entertainer, it’s the biggest return. I just want it to be one that is a good memory to those who watch it no matter what emotions they watch it with.

6. When you say Choi Siwon, you think of the first from an idol group who spread Hallyu.
I think I’m the first from an idol group to film a movie. From the start, Lee Soo Man teacher had this vision of me and so raised me in this direction.


7. And that is why you can’t be compared to. You have a huge number of followers on Twitter and China’s SNS Weibo. Working in the fashion world, as expected, I see the power of Choi Siwon.
In China, I’m not seen simply as a Hallyu star, I like this. China isn’t a multiracial country, so it seems like they just think of me as a broad similar race (and welcome me). When I hear my national anthem, I feel pride.

8. It’s been 10 years since Super Junior debuted in 2005. How has your beginning made you where you are today?
I filmed A Battle Of Wits (A collaboration movie that Andy Lau and Ahn Seunggi participated in) when I debuted. I feel that because of that, after debut, I got to naturally receive many acting opportunities in China. But there isn’t a complete picture, because I didn’t get to accomplish everything I wanted.


9. Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld personally worked with you, and you consistently receive lovecalls from the fashion world.
Well. It’s not even like things look extremely good on me…

10. You received Karl Lagerfeld’s generous love and it’s well known that you were in V Magazine.
He approaches me many times to work together but my schedule doesn’t allow for it. I’m actually in awe of him, because even though he’s old, he finds pleasure in taking on new challenges.


11. This movie is premiering, what kind of image do you want to be seen as?Honestly, I want to have a variety of images. I want to show different sides of myself, rather than have the audience just think of me as a certain image. People say I smell of morals, saying why, when you think of Choi Siwon, you can only think of the same few words.

12. Cheongdamdong umchinah? So (that’s why) when looking at your SNS, you have so much personality? Honest and straightforward.
Where do you find someone in this world who isn’t busy? We just get busier. So when I have time in my busy schedule and get to meet up, I show my real side. That’s my philosophy. So no matter which actor or whoever I meet up with, we meet with ease. Now I’m doing Dragon Blade promotions overseas, with Adrien Brody and John Cusack and we’re interacting so comfortably. (tn: umchinah = umma chingu adeul = mum’s friend’s son, like how you always get compared to a supposed perfect great son your mum’s friend has)


13. There are complaints that it’s unfair that you/idols are doing other activities because you come from an idol group.
No matter which drama comes and goes, I’m still largely viewed as Super Junior. a singer. But, eventually, the work that I do, I feel it’s a wise route because I get to adapt what I learn.

14. You’re one of Super Junior members, and you’re adults that are at the top who have the confidence to do separate things (while together).
Really something to be proud of. I may be too serious, but if I get to receive an award someday at a movie festival, I want to say ‘I’m Super Junior’. Thinking about it now, the Super Junior title still sounds intimidating anytime. Now, it’s my confidence.


15. There’s an exceptional number of actors who are aged 29 so you have many same age peers.
I’d be lying if I said I’m not conscious of them, but I take it as friendly rivalry. Working overseas, when I see my peers having good activities I think it’s a good influence.Since we’re the same age and having the same “pie” (as in like the work available needs to be divided etc) in the entertainment industry, I think it’s a good way for development (because friendly competition). In Hong Kong, there’s the Four Heavenly Kings; I think we can be good influence on each other and form a good synergy. (tn: Four Heavenly Kings aka Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai)

16. English, chinese, you’re capable of all.
Now I’m still not good. In 2007 I went to Hollywood, and I couldn’t communicate with anyone and it was hard to interact. “Nice to meet you” was my limit and anything upwards I couldn’t speak even though I wanted to talk. In many ways, it’s very good to be fluent in english, and I want to start here. With enough enthusiasm I think it’s possible for me. For chinese, I need to use it a lot for my activities, so if I can’t speak it it’ll be….

17. It must have been useful while filming Dragon Blade.
No. It’s still lacking.

18. You’ve been through a lot having consistent celebrity activities for so long. Ultimately what is the reason you do this?
Firstly it builds a sense of responsibility, and I want more of it, haha.

19. Do you want to be an icon like Jackie Chan?
In 2012, I met an ill fan, Monica, in New York. To my surprise and gratitude, the happiness we gave to that friend could be strongly felt by everyone around. At that time, I felt that although for celebrity job money and honour is important, but realising that to others I can give such an experience, gave me such a huge sense of responsibility. I don’t know for how much longer I will continue singing and dancing on stage for, but for the time that I will be doing such activities, from the perspective of being able to bring happiness to those around, I want to leave imprints in their lives.

20. It’s the last of Choi Siwon’s 20s, how will it progress. Now, you should be dating, aren’t you?
If you only work, the balance of life will collapse. I couldn’t really experience school life and from a young age I’ve been receiving lots of love, and I experience different things from my peers. So I cannot not be dating. When dating, I’m frank when we meet, and it’s good to have responsibility to end well. But it’s easier said than done since being in this line of work there’s many who are emotional people. But no matter what work you do, I feel that must be able to make decisions well.


21. You don’t believe in fated love.
Looking at it from my perspective, if I were to be caught up in emotions and fall in love, I would have to think about how everything I’m responsible for would end up. Wouldn’t it be like a company representative (tn: like any employee, really) suddenly giving up his work without having anyone to take over? I’m being looked at with emotional/sentimental eyes (tn: like…people look at him fondly, there are lots of people looking at him/loving him?), so I think I have to judge it taking that into consideration. Everybody can dream. I think that I have to judge whether those dreams can be realistically fulfilled and whether it would be good for me or not.

22. You seem to have a desire to get your acting to have explosive popularity in your country.
It’s definitely a greed everyone has. But even though hitting daebak is good, I believe that having a work that will be memorable for the audience is more important.

23. Success for your 30s?
Not expect success, but anticipate human Choi Siwon. I want to have a diverse experience compared to my 20s since the world is so broad. It’s amazing how there’s so many ways to live. I want to do activities overseas, not commercially but as a sense of duty.


24. Within your 20 years have you ever had thoughts of being a cultural minister.Our area compared to China in size is 1/1000. But the dramas etc that are made in this small space are being spread to China and the whole world. Even China’s president Xi Jinping commented on how the Chinese haven’t made something of this scale yet. The power of our cultural contents is strong. It is our mission to take it to an even higher level. (At that time, Choi Siwon gave us 2 bags of honey butter chips he had a hard time finding, as presents). All can change any minute. You can close your eyes just for a moment and you’ll see something new. It’s a time where updates are fast. But there’s something that doesn’t change. It’s people’s memory and (cherished) memories. For example you’ll remember I came to this interview with honey butter chips

25. You seem to be quite a fearless person.
My father told me from a young age that everyone lives the same. Talk, eat, defecate, all the same. What’s important is that no matter which position you’re at, you don’t treat others with arrogance. Before being aggressive, reflect on yourself, and also accept remorse. My battery this 10 years isn’t shaking, and I live being really hardworking, and creative. Therefore, I want to live being humble.

Translation Credit: ryeongbb

Picture Credit: HEIRA

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