[PROJECT] Stream and Bring Up #TheBeatGoesOn Special Edition on Korean Digital Charts! By @sjworld

International ELF can only help with the ranking of #GrowingPains in Korean digital charts via melOn and genie. Streaming in itunes does not help D&E in music shows. Please try to stream via melOn and/or genie to help D&E win in music shows~

[ melOn ]

melOn (www.melOn.com) is the most important digital chart. As you have seen, the boys posted screencaps of the album in melOn. ALL music shows count melOn’s digital charts. Therefore, we should try to stream via melOn.

  • You have to purchase a melOn package in order to download and stream the full songs of the album in melOn.
    • The cheapest melOn package costs $9.99 + apple fee (about $0.70).
    • The $9.99 package will let you download 30 songs and stream any song for 30 days.
  • You also need an apple device in order to purchase from melOn.
  • If you don’t have an apple device, SJ-World is helping ELF purchase from melOn.

Tutorial on how to sign up and stream via melOn: http://t.co/NzHiMPK6m6 (includes how SJ-World can help you purchase from melOn)

After signing in, go to the album page: http://www.melon.com/album/detail.htm?albumId=2310375

  • Stream #GrowingPains (the title track) or all 13 tracks
    • Streaming all 13 tracks would increase the chance of having more than 1 track reach melOn’s top 100
  • Rate the album with 5 stars
  • Like the album by clicking the heart
  • Like each song by clicking the heart of each song
  • You may also like D&E as an artist by clicking the star in the artist page: http://www.melon.com/artist/timeline.htm?artistId=838961

Download the melOn app to stream on your smart phone: http://t.co/RrWVfTlWw8 (safer than playing the songs on your computer)

  • You might have to change your phone settings to unblock the app first before you download it.
  • Even if you download the songs to your phone from the melon app, listening to them will not count as streaming if the songs do not have 다운 on the right of the track.
  • After you download the songs to your phone, clear your playlist.
  • Put the songs again in the playlist and make sure you see a wifi icon on the left of the track and 다운 on the right of the track. The correct way of streaming:
[ genie ]

If you registered in genie using your facebook or twitter account before March 5, 2015, you can still log in to genie (www.genie.co.kr) and enter a genie code. Genie is counted in Inkigayo and Gaon digital charts~

(We are currently finding a way for international ELF who have never registered in genie before to log in and stream in genie.)

After signing in, go to the album page: http://www.genie.co.kr/Detail/f_Album_Info.asp?axnm=80543853

  • Like the album by clicking the heart on the top of the page
  • Like the songs by clicking the heart as you listen to each track

Download the genie app to stream on your smart phone: https://t.co/n7Ha5ttZlf

You do not need to pay in order to stream in genie. You will need a genie code. A genie code will allow you to stream 100 songs. You can use the code to stream the whole album (all 13 tracks) as many times as you can. We encourage everyone to stream all 13 tracks so that:

  1. We can use up the codes faster before they expire on March 31, 2015
    • If you use up your code before March 31 and you need more, email SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com and we have plenty of genie codes to give away~
  2. We can increase the chance of having more than 1 track hit genie’s top 100 chart

If you decide to stream only #GrowingPains, stream the song only once every hour: 00 to 59. For example: once at 1:05, once at 2:30, once at 3:10, etc. Even if you stream the song 10 times in an hour, it will only count once.

Where can you find a genie code? This is Love (some), Rewind, At Gwanghwamun and The Beat Goes On STD version albums have genie codes inside them (the blue square card) and they expire on March 31, 2015. If the codes are registered in genie before March 31, then you can use up the 100 stream for 60 days.

Genie codes from Mamacita albums expired on December 31, 2014. You can still try them in case they might work.

If you bought other artists’ albums recently, they might have genie codes inside them too. Check at the back of the card (near the bottom in red font) to see when they expire. If it says 2015년 03월 31일 (or a later date), then you can still use them.

Even if you have already used 3 genie codes in your account (there was a limit of 3 codes before), you may still use more genie codes. The rules may have changed.

Tutorial on how to log in on genie and use the genie code to stream: http://t.co/wleCKBYIaA (only useful to ELF who made an account before March 5, 2015)

  • If you can log in to genie and you need a genie code, SJ-World has over 100 codes from lovely donators. You can email SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com and we will give you a code to use.
  • If you would like to donate your unused codes from This is Love, Rewind, At Gwanghwamun or The Beat Goes On STD version albums, please email SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com and specify from which albums the genie codes are from.

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