[Trans] 141229 Cosmopolitan Magazine with Siwon [6P]


Cosmo: In the movie ‘To The Fore’, Eddie Peng, Dou Xiao and you are brothers. On the stage, you and your Super Junior brothers are also full of energy. Do you guys admire each other among yourselces?
Siwon: During To The Fore shooting, the director, Eddie and Dou Xiao are all passionate men. Even though we started filming at 5 or 6 am everyday, it was the first time that I didn’t feel tired at all. The energy produced when the men are united is as if we are on steroid. It is even more so when I am with my Super Junior members. We grew up together, we shared the memories of helping each other along the journey. As long as we are together, no matter how tough it is, we always feel energized.
Cosmo: What is the one thing that you can never accept?
Siwon: I hate to copy others. You can use the good points of others as reference but as a person, you should try to be yourself. I cannot accept imitation, this (imitating) means that I lack self-confidence. I don’t want the word ‘copy’ to exist in my world. I also don’t suggest girls to copy the styles of others.


Clear eyes, pretty dimples, broad shoulders that give people a sense of security. He has been the visual of Super Junior since debut. Regardless of MV or stage performances, as long as it is Siwon who comes out first, fans will scream even harder. After debut, Siwon went to Beijing to learn Mandarin. He takes part in Chinese media interviews and he has the most appearances in variety shows among members. Many Chinese fans became ELF of Super Junior because of him. If you take away his given natural advantages, he is still the best choice to be the ‘ambassador’. Some celebrities are handsome but doesn’t have friends, they have a kind of invading, strong charisma. Siwon is handsome but people want to be friends with him. Handsome but not invading, bright, always smiling humbly, clear eyes, and the most precious thing is it hasn’t changed for 10 years.

When Chinese estate magnates, Ren ZhiQiang and Pan Shiyi visted Seoul, Siwon represented the company to have a meal with them. At that time, Psy’s Gangnam Style aroused interest among the business men who didn’t know much about the entertainment industry. The frank and direct Ren ZhiQiang posted a photo of him and Siwon on Weibo and wrote “I wanted to see Psy but I saw him instead. I heard that he does dramas, but I don’t know him.” This caused much annoyance among fans. Siwon is like this, he doesn’t tell others of his accomplishments, always taking care of others gentlemanly, he always shake hands with a tight grip, always interact with sincerity. In this era when big stars are hard to interact with, his low profile makes people wonder, do celebrities behave like this?
Siwon told Cosmo, because he believes in Christianity, he doesn’t have a lot of desires. He believe that if he follows the word ‘kindness’, he will not have enemies. Sometimes people occasionally say something rude or fight with one another, don’t put it to heart, slowly they will become your friends. On the morning of the shooting day, in the activity venue, Pan Shiyi met Siwon for the second time but is already treating him like a good friend. Ren ZhiQiang even posted on his weibo, complaining that Pan Shiyi didn’t inform him that Siwon is here. As expected, in this scrutinizing economy generation, he didn’t have any scandals about not getting along with anyone. He didn’t do anything daring or loud, he didn’t really have resources in the entertainment industry and yet everyone is willing to be his friend. From Jackie Chan and Andy Lau’s generation to Eddie Peng and Fan Bingbing. Siwon is the real 0-negative-remarks partner.
Cosmo: Witnessing the growth of so many Super Junior members and the different choices the people around you made, how do you hold onto your own decision?
Siwon: As a man, I must be responsible for the choices I made. You need courage and faith to make a choice. Sometimes when people feel lost, not knowing which path is the correct one, try asking your heart. You cannot hide or shun when you have to make a decision. Because I have my own belief, I depend on it. In life, kindness and evil will both exist. As long as you persistently move in the the correct direction, time will give you a good answer.
Cosmo: You started training very early, after debut, you have so many schedules. We often hear other celebrities complaining, why don’t you?
Siwon: I think there will always be someone busier than me. Being busy isn’t such a bad thing. Having an irregular lifestyle, I try to rest as much as I can when it’s time to rest, eat more when it’s time to eat. Finding empty time slots, there will always be time for exercise. Complaining will not improve the situation, it will only make your mood bad and thus make your body bad too. We are a team, I treat my body as everyone else’s body. In order not to cause hindrance to others, creating problems for others, I must take care of my mood and body.
Warm Guy,
that is his true self
On the day of shooting, Beijing was cloudy, the air smell of pollution, one can almost taste something weird if he opens his mouth. Siwon just finished an outdoor launch event. While styling his hair, he looks tired. When he changed into a sleeveless shirt, the long scars on his arms were from an accident he had when filming a racing scene in To The Fore a few days ago. Before this, he already had a serious injury on his neck, the second injury was on his arms, back and several other places.
Talking about this experience, Siwon said,”This is really an unforgettable experience.” At first we thought he was referring to the hard times but we actually don’t understand him well. This oppa with explosive positive energy continued,”This let me get to know the best doctors in Shanghai.”
He is a man like this, always being thankful, content, not complaining about filming everyday before dawn. The movie is about the relationship between a group of passionate cyclists, Siwon acted as a cycling expert nicknamed ‘Charging King’. He was the target of Eddie Peng in the movie. Everyday the filming burnt his energy and there was little time for rest. But Siwon told us this is the least tiring filming in his acting career because he was together with people with the same goal, trying to exceed himself is the best way to refill himself with energy.
He had Super Junior concert on the day of his injury. After having his wound taken care of in the hospital, he insisted to go to the concert venue, he said that he must give fans an answer. “My body is mine but it also belongs to everyone. I didn’t take care of my body well, I must overcome that myself. I can’t affect the others.” His expression when he said this reminded us of someone, we asked if he has any model he looks up to. As expected, Siwon said it is Andy Lau. During Battle of Wits filming, Andy’s persistency and strength let Siwon understand that in this industry where there are many new celebrities and strong competition, having good looks without the ability to endure hard times, without good reputation, without positive energy, you are just a newbie, not god. (‘God’ is a term the Chinese use for male celebrities who are extremely good looking and accomplished)
The term, ‘God’, sounds a little cold. Warm guy, is his true self. When we talked about this saying ‘little happiness’, Siwon said this is a topic which makes him blessed. “It is important to be happy over little things. Being thankful to little things, you will feel happier each day. Although there a lot of small happiness which can’t be granted now, if you think about it, this moment is happy too. We asked him to give us a small example and his answer makes everyone there feel the happiness. “In such a wonderful people, working with such great people, chatting and laughing with you all like this is happiness too. The pollution outside was bad this morning but such bad things can also help us to understand happiness. Like I am sitting on a comfortable bed right now, thinking that we are not doing interview outdoors, this is a very happy thing.”
Cosmo: If you are not a celebrity, what kind of jobs do you want to try?
Siwon: I believe if a person can do one thing well, the other things will not be tough for him. No matter what I do, I hope to put in my best. Like I am not good at cooking but if you give me time, I believe I can do it well.
Cosmo: On screen and off screen, you give people the impression ‘tall, rich and handsome’, have you ever desire for success?
Siwon: I am not the kind of person who must win over others. Because I have my religious belief, I don’t have much desire over success. I live with the mentality of solving a jigsaw puzzle. Trying my best to follow the path that I have planned and learning a lot of things in the process. It’s just like collecting the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, there is no need to complete that picture impatiently. Slowly enjoy the process of collecting and accumulating the pieces.
Being famous for so many years, he doesn’t have many scandals. Siwon has always protected his non-celebrity girlfriend well (not saying that he has a girlfriend, the interviewer just made an assumption), opening the internet and searching for ‘Siwon’s girlfriend photo’, the only ones that come out are the edited photos of him and his Super Junior members. Because Siwon always have a serious expression, people always take him seriously when he is joking. Recently a joke which has been a hot topic was Siwon’s weibo post to his co-star in To The Fore, cello player OuYang Nana, “I will wait for you for 6 years.” Has oppa fallen in love with the beautiful girl? Fans’ broken hearts were scattered all over, later it was found out that he was just joking with his line from the movie.
In Korean dramas, the story of Cinderella with a rich man’s son is always a popular subject. Even though he has an incredible background, with a rumour that he travels in a private plane, Siwon said that he likes the ordinary type of girls, not a cold ‘goddess’. When getting to know each other, it’s not the physical conditions or the arrangement of the families that matter. It’s the warm feeling from the eyes, the smile that let him know that you like him, the kind of warmth and peace that can put his mind to rest.Siwon’s preference for warm girls probably comes from his mother. Mama Choi is the sign for warmth. “There was once when I didn’t say anything and arrived back home one day earlier from my plans. At night, I arrived home without informing my mum and told her that I am hungry. Although my mum isn’t good at cooking, she made me some soup, I feel very contented with this.” Talking about his travels, he mentioned that his unforgettable memories of visiting the Great Wall with his mother when they came to China for the first time. After saying that, he gave an apologetic expression and told us,”Today we have this Cosmo interview, I shouldn’t be talking about my mother. Actually, you want to hear more about girlfriends right?”
Siwon must have realized the curiosity that we have been holding back, he said,”It’s ok, you can ask anything.” Then he shared with us his idea about romance.
“From my point of view, the most romantic thing to do is to have a quiet meal in a big room with a small table on a very cold day in winter. Even though it’s a small date, this is the kind of warmth that I want. From the girlfriend’s point of view, the kind of romantic gestures she wants is something creative. She will be anticipating, exceeding her anticipated expectation will be truly romantic. I will need to use my creativity.” Then he gave us a pitiful expression,”This isn’t fair right?” Is it hard to exceed your girlfriend’s expectations? “Not difficult, I can do it.” He answered confidently.
Cosmo: What is the common mistakes between a couple in your opinion?
Siwon: Losing confidence, when a person is not confident about his relationship, he will choose to give up first when facing problems, then he will not have a beautiful ending.
Cosmo: Will a very handsome man thinking looks are important when choosing his partner? What do you think of the physical and inner qualities of a woman?
Siwon: The looks of a woman is important but what she is thinking in her heart will be shown on her physical looks. Even though the first impression of physical looks is important, a terrible personality will quickly break the attraction that was brought forward by physical looks. Both looks and personalities are important, if you insist me to pick one, I will have a terrible headache.
Cosmo: What kind of relationship do you want most now?
Siwon: I will think of marriage. I will think of my partner waiting for me to come home after a day’s work. My parents, sister and us will live together in harmony, this is what I desire.
Cosmo: In Korean dramas, the tall, rich and handsome male leads normally didn’t fall in love with a girl of the same status, but an ordinary girl. Do you think a relationship across different statuses can last?
Siwon: I have a similar experience for this, true love can overcome many obstacles. I believe a story like this will happen in real life, there are evidences of romance that defies the social classes. There is nothing impossible. Whether the Cinderella style romance can last depends on how well the 2 person can get along. Both need to trust each other and overcome their differences together.
Cosmo: The relationships in Korean dramas are always very persistent, it can only be him. But in real life, is it true that people have to go through several relationships to understand what is true love?
Siwon: This problem differs from person to person. Some people treat the relationship as their only gem, carrying this gem till the end. There is another kind of person, looking at this gem, that gem thinking all are good, trying them before finding the one that suits them the most. Both of them are responsible people. But there is another kind of person, he wants everything, this is mine, that is mine too. This kind of person is more dangerous.
Cosmo: Which kind of person are you among these three?
Siwon: This question can only be answered by the woman who walked into my heart.
Cosmo: How do you look at the term ‘sexy’? Give a definition for the ‘goddess’ in your heart.
Siwon: Sexy goddess is the kind that gives out a natural charisma. She moves people’s hearts but yet you feel a distance between you and her. If a pretty woman dresses up sexily but she has no aura, men will just go ahead directly to talk to her. I think that is not true sexiness. The true ‘sexy goddess’ is the kind that attracts me but the attraction is so strong that I dare not go near her.
Cosmo: In your point of view, do you think it is necessary to receive your elders’ blessings in a marriage?
Siwon: Love is between 2 person but if you talk about marriage, it’s the harmonization of 2 families. A wise woman will receive love from the elders through sincere communication. A good man must also be capable of making the woman around him happy. In recent years, there are many people who are too self-centered. Although it’s important to have your own personality, it is not conflicting with understanding and accepting each other. With the blessings from friends and family, everyone being harmonious, that is my ideal marriage.
Cosmo: Is it possible for a sparrow to become a phoenix? Or is it just a marketing term for business and the desires of women?
Siwon: I saw with my own eyes a staff that works with me used to be very sloppy and had no confidence with her appearance at all. Suddenly something came over her and started to learn how to dress up and found a style that suits her. Together with make up and working out, without having any surgeries done, she has changed a lot. Her aura totally changed. But to me that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. She became arrogant after becoming beautiful, she has the temper of a pretty girl, not as friendly as before. But I still applause for her change.
Cosmo: What kind of girls is strong and yet you would want to get near her?
Siwon: Strong women normally have self confidence, and confident women will attract people. In Korea, we have a female president. Among our staff, we have a lot of capable women. The manager who keeps nagging me is a woman like this too. They give out a strong aura when they focus on their work. The way they work is really cool.
Cosmo: Can you draw your ideal ‘goddess’? How will you draw her? Black wavy hair with red lips?
Siwon: Beauty has no definite shape. It’s not about black or blonde hair, as long as it is not too weird, like dying her hair white…… I hope everyone will not put too much attention to the little flaws of your physical looks. Compared to always spending time to imitate the style of others, it’s better to just live happily.
Cosmo: Female celebrities have to have many styles and stay sensitive to fashion trends. Do you like the girls around to constantly change their styles?
Siwon: If they change for the better of course I am happy for them. When I see a sloppy girl becomes prettier after dressing up, I will applause for them. But don’t over do it. The difference between beautiful or not can sometimes be tiny. A suitable change is a surprise but overdoing it will be a little weird.
Cosmo: You have a great body, what is the ratio of the suffering and happiness when working out? What kind of body do you think is good for a lady?
Siwon: When working out, I need to combine both cardio and muscles training using scientific ways. Girls don’t need to be like us, doing a lot of resistence training for big muscles. They just need to enjoy the process of working out. Blood circulation will give people a good colour on their complexion (this is a chinese term and there isn’t a direct translation in English), a healthy body with curves is the most beautiful.

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