[Trans] 141223 January 2015 Cosmopolitan Magazine with Kangin [2P]

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1. In Cat Funeral, Jaehee asked Donghoon who is his ‘first love’ right? Donghoon answered with ‘music’. But, what really is the actual standard for a man’s ‘first love’? The first girl one likes? The first girl one dates?
Even if it’s just one-sided, can consider the person as first love. First love’s like, when you’re with her, you have certain emotions and experiences for the first time. When you see her, your heart keeps pounding like it will burst. When holding hands, it feels like a dream, as if crossing a ‘rainbow bridge’

2. Words like “rainbow bridge” came from tough man Kangin’s mouth, I didn’t expect to hear them.
Really! I met my first love in 1st year of high school. The girl with long straight hair on the bus, really (it was like) she had a shining halo. I cannot forget that moment. She really looked so pure. We met in our school uniforms, went to cafes, ate tteokbokki on the streets… Sometimes when my friends see us, they’ll really be speechless. You know the most popular style of university students at that time right? Polo shirt and cotton pants and Doctor Martens. We wore like that and took the bus, subway going here and there sightseeing… These are my memories.

3. Do men even remember the moment of their first kiss?
But isn’t the standard of ‘first kiss’ vague? Should say, first relationship where lips touched. If not, it may mean like the kisses in movies…, every one has their own standard. Thinking of first kiss, I think of the kiss with the first person I really loved, of course I remember it.

4. Men are categorised as those who can’t forget their first love and those who can right? Which side are you part of?
There’s such a thing? I think I really fit in “Men that don’t remember their first love but remember that image of having confidently gotten over the first love”. More than the memories I had with my first love, it’s more of the memories of the emotions I had at that time when I liked her.

5. Do you have thoughts of seeing your first love again with another chance?
No! I don’t have thoughts of wanting to see my first love again, seems like we’ll be disappointed by each other.

6. What is the intention of men who say words like “I have my first love” late?
Well. Even though it’s late, it’s possible for them to want to have the feelings that make them confess only at that moment. But when it’s said so late, I want to know the significance of those words. If it’s a pointless situation, doesn’t it make things confusing? I hate being tangled in relationship issues most.

7. Donghoon and Jaehee first met at wedding venue, at that time Donghoon’s senior also showed interest in Jaehee. Between love and friendship, which will you choose?
To me, friendship is first, if my friend and I like the same girl at the same time. So I won’t approach the girl first for her to have to make a choice. Among Super Junior members, there is only one rule on dating. “No matter what, cannot overlap!” Very thankfully, until now, it’s strictly followed.

8. When acting as Donghoon who’s a fool in love, which parts do you identify with and which do you feel uncomfortable with? think I’m the same as Donghoon is being hopeless in love. When Donghoon first fell for Jaehee during the first snow, he asked “Do you like yukhoe?” (tn: korean-style raw beef). I’m also like that. To the girl I like, I can’t ask questions like “What are you doing?”, “Want to go eat?”. Instead I ask like “Want to listen to this song?”, “Isn’t this song good?”. But if I’m in Donghoon’s situation where the cat we raised together dies, I won’t call her, because we already ended.

9. Even after debut, musician Donghoon kept working hard, and even after earning, he’s still not satisfied, he always still feels inferior. The senior representative of the album company is interested in Jaehee and showed it. As a man, in this situation, what should the girl do?
I ever had such a situation. When I was a trainee and before and after army when times were hard. I had very narrow shoulders (inferior). So I fully understand his feelings. If the man continues acting like that, it’s better to break up. You can’t expect the one you love to keep tolerating your endless grumbling right? There’s no need for it. A dating couple are really close friends that got into a relationship, not family.

10. Why is there the phrase “I’m letting you go because I love you”? Is it because the man has no confidence to bring his beloved girl happiness that’s why he wants to break up?
It’s possible to give up. For example, if a man doesn’t have thoughts of getting married, contrary to expectations of him. If go public with our dating, it’ll be burdensome. In the movie, Jaehee told the truth about cohabiting to those around her right? (Seeing bad reactions,) letting go would be easier especially for the female because she’s at risk of greater backlash.

11. Do you feel there’s a need to be courteous during farewells? In the past, Donghoon said to Jaehee “Let’s break up” and she ran away from home. Before Jaehee returned, the house was cleaned up, which was hurtful. After all, they lived together, isn’t there a need to be courteous?
To go as far as to say those words, there must have been a lot of trouble. Donghoon’s last consideration was the cat, and he had confidence in continuing to take care of it. If they break up, Jaehee would be the one to leave the house, so before packing up, Donghoon should have had the courtesy of giving her a chance to fix their relationship.

12. What to do with presents that were given to each other and objects that remind you of each other? Should you return them? Or throw away?
Until you look at yourself as someone who has start afreshed? Till now, my heart still remembers. It’s not like everything will be forgotten just by removing the items, I’d still remember that person. I’m like Harim sunbaenim’s song ‘A love is forgotten by another love’, that type.

13. Do you believe that it is possible for a couple to remain friends after breaking up?
I think it is. Even if you don’t be friends that can comfortably meet often, can at least be able to call each other when there’s worries or in difficult times right? Even though you dated, you can still be friends that understand each other well without anything special between. And sincerely, you hope the best for and will support each other. Like how even after Donghoon and Jaehee broke up, they still hope the best for each other.

14. Everyone thinks differently. Can you understand if your girlfriend is on friendly terms with her ex boyfriend? While being friends there can be lingering affection right?
Like that? Then cannot. can-not!

15. What will you do if you have the ability to turn back time like the main in the movie About Time?
I want to apologise to my ex girlfriend. I hurt her, I made her very upset. There should be very happy memories when thinking about someone you once liked, even loved right? I wish that during the time we were together, I made more good memories for the relationship to be looked back on more fondly.

16. Last question. Is Cat Funeral a movie for couples to watch, or for friends of the same gender?
It’s good for couples to watch but, it seems more fun for girl friends to watch since it’s like a movie that you can talk alot about after watching, like it would be good for cursing an old (ex-)boyfriend over a glass of beer. Haha.

Picture Credit: Heira

Translation Credit: ryeongbb

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