150119 Super Junior-M Shares on Wrapping Up ‘Super Junior-M’s Guesthouse’

With Super Junior-M’s Guesthouse wrapping up, the Super Junior-M members shared on ending the show.

SBS’s Super Junior-M’s Guesthouse aired the final episode on January 18.

When asked if he has any regrets, Kyuhyun answered, “To be honest, the really good restaurants haven′t been revealed yet.” The special MC Heo Kyung Hwan commented, “Are you aiming for season 2?” bringing out laughter.

Sungmin said, “It felt very rewarding to introduce various travel sites around Korea. But I’m sad that I could only go around the Seoul area and the East Sea in Gangwon province due to my schedules”


Zhou Mi said, “Usually the members don’t have the time to eat or travel together because we’re so busy. I’m happy that I was able to spend enjoyable time together along with the fans.”

Eunhyuk shared, “We also experienced and learned many thing through Super Junior-M’s Guesthouse. I hope that it can be a part of your (viewers) precious memory as well.”

Super Junior-M wrapped up by saying, “Let’s meet again through season 2.”

Photo credit: SBS

Credit: Newsen Park Ah Reum

Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

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