141121 The Celebrity Magazine with SJ [9P]

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Translation – Donghae’s Part

Donghae is walking alone on an Itaewon street in the middle of joyful atmosphere at night. This route, can be the beginning, or the end of his youth.

The atmosphere of the parties is being warmed with enthusiasm. But to Super Junior Donghae, the real party is the vivid lights, the people passing by down the streets. In one not-weekend-night, the street is really quiet. The shops which lies next to one another looks like a tangked maze, the shutters is wound down, the walls with multigraphics are dyed yellowish under the street lights. There are roads that are reddened with the night lights, there are roads sinking in the dark black night. Donghae walks into a telephone booth, rubbing his hands together, his breathes becoming clear as his shoulder shrinks because of the cold. Some staffs unconsciously follow doing the tapping foot with him

Standing on the stage under the spotlight, Donghae always want to show himself to everyone. He, sometimes hides himself in a café on a crowded street or on the bench in the airport departure lounge observing people passing by, sometimes gives himself a stroll in those small alleys of Itaewon, Nam, or on the bank of Han river.

It was the day after the movie “The Youth” had come into spotlight. With Donghae, those was the few days of Donghae’s 20 left. A year of the 29-year-old man flew by with the concert tour in Japan with Eunhyuk as the member of the sub-unit D&E, Han Shiwoo role in “God’s Quiz 4” and Jungwoo role in “The Youth”. It is not the matter of being 29 or 30 that can be the standard to evaluate a man. “Age is not what I concerned. I don’t want to forget those children’ songs or the fairy tales. The dreams, desires and deep thoughts inside the fable stories of Aesop or Disney cartoons, I always want to keep them by my side. Instead of clinging onto the youth, I want to grow up and become more mature.” Those was words of Donghae, a man experienced his 20s using not those views from the others but his own feeling.

~ It seems you don’t like walking at night in Itaewon ~

I really like walking. Sometimes I catch a cab to some place and then I take a view at those shops, find something to eat. I take a walk along the streets in Itaeweon at night about twice a month. After visiting café, listening to music and have a meal, I usually walk a bit. When there is a new café opening, I usually pay a visit, too. Sometimes, I visit the terrace cafes in Itaewon, observing people passing by. Itaewon is place has a variety of nationalities as well as ethnic groups, therefore, I can feel the enthusiasm from everybody.

~Besides Itaewon, do you often go to other places ?~

Mostly, Yeongdong, along the river Han’s bank or take a walk at Namsan. When there is no schedule, I go to the airport. Actually I have to come to the airport once or twice a week because of work so I don’t have much amenities. It was 4 or 5 years ago, because I was curious about what it would be when you came to the airport alone so I drive there in the early morning. Although I go there weekly, go to the airport in the early morning is a brand new world.

~That was a diferrent place and space. What did you see there ? ~

The immigration area of the airport from 1 – 2 A.M. is really crowded. I sat down on the bench, even thought I didn’t have my ticker nor luggage, I had a feeling that I was going to depart for some place. The desire longs for challenge and discover something new rose inside me. Don’t you agree that airport is the place where people come to find a change for their lives or to make their lives better ? The feeling was amazing and fretty.

~As a member of Super Junior, you must feel really exhausted as you have been working too much.~

Since I was a trainee and then debut till now, to be honest, there were many things exhausted me but I believe that I have been doing well. Sometimes I wonder if I were eligible to be able to receive such love. In those times, I realized that every second has it own value. When performing, I’m always the one who try hard most, even on stage, I still try my best and have faith in myself. However, I also think such things like “ I’m in twenties, it will be a pity if I only focus on working like that”. My friends, maybe they admire me, but me, I admire their lives.

~The first movie in which you starred in the main role, “ The Youth “, was released.~

Actually, I didn’t think the movie to be premiered because it was only a short movie. I have been longing for a movie long time ago so I always tried to find an independent film. And then, I receive a invitation to join “ The Youth “. In the middle of filming, I always shared my to participate in Jeoju international Film Festival wish with the director. When I know that the movie was officially released in the theater, I was really surprised and also have a strong belief . To be able to show more and more interesting movie to the fan, I determined to work harder in the future.

~Are there any difficulties between the role of Super Junior’s Donghae and that of actor Lee Donghae?~

Definitely, no. I will never be wavering between Super Junior and the acting. Of course there will be time I feel empty or skeptical about myself and my work, however, I will never give up the aspiration of standing before my fans, those who always follow me even when I’m sad or happy. If the day I have to give up came, it would be a long long long time when I’m not a celebrity anymore.

~In spite of that, do you often feel tired?~

My life have the same time as everyone’s does. So does work. Today or makes no different, it’s just like a sequence of things you must do repeats over and over. My schedule have been set up for a year, with this full schedule sometimes I feel empty. Although I’m always busy but it just follows a cycle that I have to do, so I often think “ Ah, I’m busy again” because my private time is really rare.

Picture Credit: heira1106
VietTrans by LinhHae@justhaehyuk.com
Engtrans by Quari@justhaehyuk.com

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