141201 Super Junior Successfully Ends Super Show 6 in Taiwan with 22,000 Fans

Super Junior successfully completed Super Show 6 in Taiwan, following Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing.

On November 29 and 30, Super Junior launched Super Junior World Tour Super Show 6 in Taipei in Taipeo Arena, thrilling 22,000 fans with its various music, charismatic performance and fantastic stage manners.

As Super Junior has been gathering immense popularity in Taiwan, ranking number one on music charts for 121 weeks, the tickets were also sold out for both rounds of the concert and it was attended by numerous media outlets, such as TVBS, The China Times, The Liberty Times and more, and famous stars such as Guo Xue Fu, Tan Ai Chen and more.


Super Junior performed a total of 34 songs, including hits Mamacita, Sorry Sorry and Mr. Simple as well as the other album tracks, unit, individual, and costume performances, stealing the hearts of fans with its unique charms.

During the concert, audience members continued to shout out Super Junior and passionately sang along the lyrics as they enjoyed the performance and prepared a special event for Super Junior, during which they held up glow sticks to make the message that read ‘ELF♥SJ’ on the November 29 concert and ‘Let’s be together for a long time’ on the November 30 concert.

Having successfully wrapped up the Taiwan concert, Super Junior will be carrying on the heat of the world tour Super Show 6 over to Osaka Kyocera dome on December 5 through 7.

Credit: Newsen Jeong Jee Won
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung
Photo credit: SM Entertainment
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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