[Worldwideelfs Project] Message Book for Super Junior’s 9th Year Anniversary ! [DONE]

9th Year Anniversary Message Book ❤

2014 marks the 9th year of Super Junior since their debut and we at @worldwideelfs would like to show Super Junior our everlasting love and support !

So for this 9th anniversary, we will be collecting messages from ELF all over the world and we will give them to Super Junior.

Here is how you can be part of this project!

To allow Super Junior to better feel our sincere hearts, we are asking you to hand write your message of love and support.
When you are done, scan or take a picture of your work and email it to us at worldwideelfsproject@gmail.com
Please make sure that your picture is of high resolution so the quality of the image would be better when we print it out.

You can write in whatever language you like but we would recommend that you write in Korean, English, Japanese or Chinese/Hanyu Pinyin. We reserve the right to exclude your message from this project if we find the content to be unsuitable.
Please also include your name and country at the end.

All messages will be printed in the 4R (4 x 6 inches) size so please make sure your handwriting is large enough .

Deadline for message submission: 10 December 2014.

See below for an example.


Super Junior出道九週年Message book

今年是Super Junior的出道9週年! 我們WorldwideELFs會收集全球ELFs給SJ祝福的留言,告訴他們我們一直都在,也會永遠支持、愛和守護他們。我們會親手把這本書交到他們手上。

寫完請把信息掃描或拍一張高清的圖私信我們 / (worldwideelfsproject@gmail.com) 。




語言:英語或韓語 (或簡單中文/拼音)


紙的顏色: 白色


An example of a message 例子請見附圖 :



26 thoughts on “[Worldwideelfs Project] Message Book for Super Junior’s 9th Year Anniversary ! [DONE]

  1. Hey guys, I thought I had sent my message on time but I didn’t receive any confirmation from you. T.T
    Anyhow, thank you for this beautiful project ^o^

    • We didn’t sent out any confirmation message. So , so long as you did sent to the right email by the deadline, we will received it ^^ don’t worry~ and you’re welcome!

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