141101 [STARCAST] Super Junior still shows a big love for fans while they’re so busy!

‘Super Show 6’ held in Tokyo Dome in Japan on last 29th and 30th.
At the concerts in Japan, SuperJonior had all tickets on both days sold out and successfully completed it with 110 thousand audiences~!! They are so busy right now while, through ‘Super Show 6’, they’ve met their global fans and through ‘THIS IS LOVE’, the special performance, they are meeting domestic fans in Korea


This 7th special edition album of SuperJunior newly released with the special performance, ‘THIS IS LOVE’, in Korea contains each member’s unique ideas in order to express their thankful minds for fans’ passionate love and support so far. To do this, they actually participated in the album design. Don’t you think they still care about their fans so much while they’re so busy with working in both Korea and abroad?!







# We’re SuperJunior~!!



[LeeTeuk] My initial is T from Teuk, which is the first initial of ‘THIS IS LOVE’. Images in the album are all taken by me, and I wanted to express something faint. It feels like I wanted to make the album full of loneliness (laugh). I took pictures like roads, signs, sky and so on riding a bicycle and car with the concept of on the way to meet fans. When you see the inside, there are short passages about love as well as pictures, so I’d like you to see those too with pictures and love it. The jacket cover is the basketball court in Han River, which is the place where I often play basketball at nights. I always thought its night view is so beautiful when I worked out there. I selected it with the thought that it would be great you guys see it together. Isn’t it so faint..?! Or you think it looks too pathetic..?! (laugh)


[Ryeowook] I selected H. H is for Heart, which is my mind. So I put pictures with my warm hearts towards members in the album. I took pictures of body parts of members (There are all photoshoped~ ^^) and handwrote love messages for members. The picture in jacket cover is my feet. Of course it is my feet 🙂 The reason why I selected the pictured of my feet as the jacket image is that there is almost no chance for fans to see my feet although they have seen other parts of me. I think feet are quite private and so I wanted to show them to fans that I haven’t. This is the best out of 10 versions 🙂


[Kang In] I am I. I took it as I is in ‘In’ of Kang In. The cover picture is a night view. It was out of focus so it looked like a link or it was dispersed. I selected it because it felt like dim. Inner pages contain my daily life and my day. I love to look outside of window so I wanted to show you guys things that I always see.


[Donghae] I selected S for SuperJunior. The jacket cover is the one I took in Han River, I used the stick of icecream. When the sun goes down, the red sunset was so beautiful so I took the picture of it. The images included in the album are all taken by me, which are from the past pictures of members to the first trip to New York by myself and so on. I wanted to show you guys my past memories and share those with you together.


[Heechul] I took I in this album. I just had the one left like an elder brother ^^
The jacket cover is the picture of Heebeom, my cat. He is an old friend living with me for 8 years. He is so sensitive as he resembles his owner (lol) and it was really hard to take a picture of him. I took almost 100 pictures. The concept of photograph was naturalness. I barely put on make-up and didn’t do my hair. I actually wanted to be naked (laugh) but it wasn’t permitted. I will do it next time if I have a chance.


[Siwon] I selected S as I thought I could give meaning a lot. It could be S for Siwon and the initial for another word. I wanted the one that I can leave it to viewers’ imagination. My album concept is the jukebox. The jacket cover is the backside of jukebox. When you open the album, I like you to look through the past pictures like a time machine as if you open the jukebox. I wanted to make the album like SuperJunior’s jukebox. In this jukebox, I wanted to express how SuperJunior has sung.


[Sungmin] I am L for Love. I wanted to put things that I always see in my daily life and things closely around me in this special album. Thinks like a recording studio, mike and bottle that I put letters from fans in. The jacket cover is the picture that I hold a camera and when I checked out later it was the only one picture that I am in. So I selected it as the cover shot.


[Shindong] I took O. I utilized pictures of my eye as the jacket image with the feeling of the world through Shindong’s eyes. My album concept is the manual. It is like a manual that you can have when you buy a thing so you can see it as the manual for the 7th edition album. And additionally I characterized members like the characters in computer games, and introduced capacity of each member one by one.


[Kyuhyun] My initial is V. It looks like the V when we take a picture and it seems cool for me. I put pictures that I took with each member with the theme of the love story with members. I wanted to show you natural and comfortable looks not the ones like the photo shoots or album cover shots that you can easily see. I think I put my stories with members so far from the debut in this album. The cover shot is the picture of my half face and it was taken in German. It looks like it was taken intentionally or not but still looks great picture so I selected it as the jacket cover image.


[Eunhyuk] My initial is E for Eunhyuk. There is no my face in the jacket cover so that I make viewers curious about what message that this jacket image has. Through the whole composition of the jacket, I wanted to show you the love that I consider by dividing it into the past, present and future. The past contains memories that I had with family in my childhood and the present contains Superjunior members so I actually drew faces of members from the image of ‘MAMACITA’ album. I went to art institute when I was young (laugh). For the future, I put myself looking at empty seats in concert hall, which contains my mind hoping fans will fill those seats in the future, too. My jacket picture can be said that contains this wish as well.


#THIS IS LOVE #Let’s express our love for fans with every fiber of hour body


#Let’s express more extremely


Can you feel their sincere minds that they prepared this album as a gift for fans to express their thankful mind?!
SuperJunior members who completed this unique album gathering their ideas and taking their own pictures in spite of their busy schedule preparing SuperJunior’s World tour ‘Super Show6’ and special performances ‘THIS IS LOVE’.
The love of members towards E.L.F. which means Ever Lasting Friends, seems to be Everlasting as well.

SuperJunior’s official 7th edition album that was uniquely created just like each member’s personality.
Please support the new album full of members’ sincereness and ‘Super Show 6’ concert that is spreading throughout the world 🙂

Thank you : )

Writing/Pictures = SM Entertainment
Source: http://m.star.naver.com/superjunior/news/end?id=3760527
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
Take out with full credits and proper credits! Thank you !


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