141024 US Billboard, introduces SuperJunior’s ‘THIS IS LOVE’


Billboard posted an article that has a title of ‘Let SuperJunior Color Your World With ‘THIS IS LOVE’ Video’  and introduced this album and MV in detail through K-POP column corner, K-TOWN on 22nd (local time).

Billboard introduced, “Last month, SuperJunior’s ‘MAMACITA’ album sold enough copies to top Billboard’s World Albums chart with just three days of sales. With the excitement still ongoing, the longtime boy-band favorites are prepping a new, repackaged version of the LP with new music and videos” and also, ‘THIS IS LOVE’ opens with SuperJunior’s Kyuhyun taking fans into a black-and-white world with splashes of red from a pink wall to Heechul’s scarlet hat. Filmed almost entirely as a one-shot video, ‘THIS IS LOVE’ shows the guys move from video set to video in small-group dance troupes. The one-take cuts at the bridge where the piece starts incorporating more hues and we finally get to see all the members together in full color for the final chorus”.

This MV, which was released on 22nd, newly presents the song by arranging ‘THIS IS LOVE’ in stage version in accordance with the stage performance.

It is shot with differentiated one take technique of SM in order to show classy performance and contained members’ various images in the sensitive video. It is making headlines since Shindong actively participated in the MV composition such as from the planning stage of the MV, choreography, costumes, sets, and picking props.

Also, SuperJunior is going to perform 2 special stages of ‘THIS IS LOVE’ and ‘Evanesce’ through KBS ‘Music Bank’ on 24th, SBS ‘Popular Music’ on 26th and release special edition of the 7th regular album ‘THIS IS LOVE’ offline on 27th.

Credit: Osen,Lee Hye Rin
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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