[Trans] 141014 Sungmin’s Blog post – Getting Married

title: To.


To. people who are here for me and to everyone i love, <Dear. E.L.F.>
Hi. I am Sungmin.
What should I say… I’ve been thinking about it countless of times since the first sentence.
how many times have i written something and deleted it repeatedly and looking at it, the grateful faces.. the voices haunts me even more..

i wanted to write this scary letter carefully.
everyone, i have met a good match and i’ll be getting married on 13 december.
today, i was really surprised by the sudden news (about my wedding) and it hurts me to think about how hurt everyone is.
i really wanted to deliver the message to my precious friends and E.L.F. who love me first hand but while worrying about how to bring up this subject to tell everyone the news and i’m really sorry that everyone had to find out from the articles like that..

honestly, i had decided to make this announcement personally, and i was considering about the people… and i was enduring the conflicts alone for a very long time. i wasn’t terrified of the decision i have made but I was worried about the surprise/shock of the people that i am grateful to from hearing a news like this.
i was worried about the amount of hurt that i could cause.
it’s a little late but, with the great love and trust from everyone, i have mustered up the courage to give you this news personally.
throughout my growth and development and always protecting me by my side like a shadow and to everyone who is always supporting me, i would really like to thank you all sincerely.
and to everyone who has helped me till now, and the members who trusted and respected my decision and also to the company, i am truly thankful. i’ll continue to work hard for the upcoming activities and be the sungmin who will repay everyone’s love.

Trans and Posted by worldwideelfs


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