[Trans] 140814 Letter for ELF – From: ELF’s beloved SJ leader Leeteukie [3P]



to ELF..!!

it’s been a really long time since i have tried saying the name. elf.. ELF.. our side/bias!!
how have you been? you haven’t been sick in the time (that I was gone) right? have you been eating well? you are not (physical) hurt anywhere right? i haven’t been just curious about these few things.
right now, it is hard to believe it but it is really hard to find the words to say.
these complicated feelings i have and i have already lost count of the number of times i have rewritten this letter. i don’t know where to begin because i haven’t been able to organise my thoughts and feelings. ㅠㅠ
ok. so now, finally! I greet you all as SJ Leader Leeteuk!! ^^v
in order not to lose the mindset like at the time of debut, teukie~ teukie~~~~ i am leeteukie!
anyway… firstly, i would like to say i’m sorry and thank you. on 30 october 2012, do you remember what i said then? i say to wait (for me) for 21 months and that duration is just a short while and do not cheat (on me/SJ)… however, in that 21 months, it definitely doesn’t feel like a short period of time to me.
regardless, the loyalty of everyone who has firmly waiting without any care~~!!
i think it is really awesome. if someone told me to do that, i don’t think i can do it. I guess “Fan” are miracle-making makers! ^^
as time went by, (there were) times where i was forgetting who i was and i was hurting a lot inside/mentally and i wanted to give it all up..
i was able to overcome it all thanks to the prayers and support from everyone.
everyday, i think about the emotions and the things that i give and received and it is a happiness that is replaceable by nothing in this world and once again, i am grateful of it all.
everyone’s cheers and blue wave. every night, i visualise it in my head, enduring everyday, for these precious times…
every though this is something that’s in my mind and it might be different in reality, i’ll do my best every hour and will work hard humbly!!
i really want to see (you all) so much. like crazy.
i really missed (you all) so badly. like crazy.
thank you sincerely, and i’m really sorry.
now, in this moment, i’m thankful that we are together.
i’m thankful for you holding my hand so i won’t be lonely.
let’s not forget about this beautiful feeling and
i hope that we will be together forever and not just for now.
i love you .. and love you .. and love you.
PS: keep a look out for SJ’s comeback! ^_^
ELF’s beloved SJ leader Leeteukie

Translation credit: jovenatheart (http://worldwideelfs.com)
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
Take out with full credits and proper credits! Thank you !


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