140725 Fantastic 3 Henry! Musician VS Entertainer VS SuperJunior-M

Henry, who has comeback with new album ‘Fantastic’ and performing actively~!!
We will meet 1-person-3-color profile of Henry, who is getting infinite love from fans for his violin performance of ‘Fantastic’ on music program stage as a musician which outstands, 4th dimension rising entertainment star in entertainment program, and being the cute youngest among SuperJunior-M~!!
First, we will start with musician Henry’s profile~!!
[Musician Henry’s Profile]
– Name: Henry
– Personal skill: Performing by playing the violin, trying instruments at least once (!!)
– Instrument that I want to try: Korean instruments such as Gayageum and Haegeum!
– Masterpiece of music: ‘Trap’! ‘Fantastic’ now! (Please love ‘Fantastic’ a lot♥)
– Favorite Song in new album: ‘You’! I don’t like to listen to self-composed song since it is embarrassing, but I feel like to keep on listening to this song.

– Motto:  Let’s become a musician who conveys joy, sadness to people, stores life story, and makes ‘Life OST’ which can be listened every day.
– Musician that I like: Michael Jackson! His music is perfect which is formed with visual and hearing music. I really respect him♡
– Composition inspiration?!: My life! Things that I experienced through living become my material. Sometimes I get indirect experiences from other musicians. Also, I usually convey the sensibility that I get at midnight since I do work then.
– Habit when working:  I always think of the song idea. I usually think about the song idea by recording and hearing it over again when good melody comes up in my mind.
– Musician Henry’s Fantastic Point: Image of playing the instrument, and Smile ^ㅡ^
– Musician Henry is OOO: Musician Henry is a “serious musician”!
– Word for fans: I will keep on doing my best to make good music. Please look forward to it much!
– Music that I want to do in the future:  I want to do ‘visual music’ and ‘hearing music’ together. There are many ‘visual music’ which flashy performance outstands recently, but since there are many good tracks in the album, I hope you listen to not only to my album but also to other musician’s album. I will do my best in not only making music with flashy performance, but also songs that are easy to listen: )
Musician Henry who shows sincere charm about music!!
We could notice his different charm from his vivid image in entertainment programs and firm musical principle as a musician!
The next is Henry’s profile of the rising star in entertainment program~!!
[Rising entertainment star, Henry’s Profile]
– Name: Henry
– Nickname: Fourth dimensional… no 8th dimensional! And happy virus! (I like the happy virus nickname the most!!)
– Rising entertainment star, Henry’s Fantastic Point: I’m very mischief, and I like people. And the charming point is being truthful!
– Buzzword: Neckslice, bboom!, pineapple…and.. I can’t think of more now ^^
– Entertainment field that I want to try:
There are many fields that I want to try! Especially, programs such like introducing new culture by going on a trip.
– Ability that I want to get: Korean ability! I want to do well at it.
– Friendly entertainment seniors: Gunhyeong, Suro, Sam… I’m friendly with ‘A Real Man’ members.
– Where do you get the sensitive artistic talents from?!: I leant a lot from SuperJunior brothers. I didn’t separately learnt it from them but I got the sense of it naturally by living with them for a long time.
– What is the most changed thing after appearing in entertainment program: Confidence?? There were things that I thought about me were weak points, but many people thought of them as good points. I really liked it when people laughed and enjoyed the program which I appeared and showed me losing my shape. Also it was amazing when many people noticed me.
– Entertainment program to Henry? ‘Happy chance that I can give happiness to people!’
– Rising entertainment star, Henry is OOO: Rising entertainment star, Henry is ‘happiness’!
– Words for fans: Bboom! hahaha (Laughter)
#Recording ‘Happy Together’ #With Sam
Rising entertainment star, Henry who is playful~!! We can feel his charm which is his attractive point 🙂
Shall we see the profile of the youngest Henry among Super Junior-M ?!
[The youngest of SuperJunior-M, Henry’s Profile]
– Name: Henry
– Group: SuperJunior-M
– Position: The cute youngest guy ^ㅡ^
– Super Junior-M Favorite Song: The 2nd album, ‘Break Down’s ‘GO’! The reason is because I composed it?^^
– The way I release stress with members: I eat Ramen together. It doesn’t taste well if I eat it alone. I release stress by eating Ramen and talking with members. hahaha
– The most impressive member in SuperJunior at the first meeting: Everybody was amazing, but Heechul! I thought he was a girl since he was so pretty.
– SuperJunior-M who has many overseas activities?!: It is good to meet fans in countries that I’ve never been and experiencing different culture. I get responsibility to become a good artist since I’m not alone but with many other people.
– Good point to be the youngest vs bad point: Members do not scold me even when I do a big mistake vs There are many errands since I’m the youngestㅠㅠ
– Solo Henry vs SuperJunior-M Henry: There are much time being lonely when I act as solo. I feel the emptiness when I act alone compared to the moment of being noisy when I act with many members of SuperJunior-M.
– SuperJunior-M member’s response toward ‘Fantastic’: ‘Many said, ‘It would well fit with Henry’. Many members cheered me up; Donghae and Ryeowook came and gave me something to eat when I was shooting the MV, Eunhyuk and Zhou Mi also came and gave me advices at music broadcast time. I really thank you guys : )
– The youngest of SuperJunior-M, Henry is OOO: The youngest of SuperJunior-M, Henry is a “tummeler”!
– Words for fans: I’m acting as solo Henry now, but I don’t think I’m alone. If I wasn’t Henry, the youngest of SuperJunior-M, the Henry of now wouldn’t exist. I will come back as Henry of SuperJunior-M, so please wait for a little!
Have you enjoyed the 3-color profile of Musician vs The rising entertainment star vs The youngest of SuperJunior-M Henry who doesn’t miss any charms?! We can feel fantastic 3 Henry’s image from Henry who could not stop smiling when talking about episodes while filling up his profile. That mind would’ve been conveyed to fans, right?!
Henry who is performing actively as musician vs the rising entertainment star vs the youngest of SuperJunior-M is really into this album the most!! Henry’s 2nd mini-album,‘Fantastic’ (^^) Please give love to him much, and see Henry’s last message of whom promised to show various image to fans with entertainment programs and as SuperJunior-M~!!
I ♡ U!!_FROM Henry. Thank You : )
Writing/Picture = SM Entertainment
Source: http://m.star.naver.com/superjunior/news/end?id=3209855#
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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