140725 [Trans] RAY magazine with Donghae and Eunhyuk [4P]

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01. Love –
Q: What would you do and where would you go if you get to date in summer ?
Hyuk: If I managed to get a girlfriend, it’s okay if we don’t go anywhere and don’t do anything. I want to just stay in the house, keep the windows open, sit in front of the fans and eat watermelon.

Q: The speed for you to fall in love ? Fast type ? Slow type ?
Donghae: I take 25 years (laughs). When I was a child, I didn’t think of anything and just liked someone but now that I’m getting older I think of a lot of thing and got more cautious. That’s why I think only about ELF Japan wholeheartedly !
Hyuk: (burst into laughter)

Donghae: That’s it ! (triumphant look)
Hyuk: For me, 3 seconds ! For us to love a large crowd of fans we need to be this fast right ? When we have concert in Dome, we’ve gone through such hardship because we need to love all the fans~ I’m kidding, but me and Donghae we both have a lot of similarities, and our speed to fall in love is also around the same. I also changed to a more cautious person when I get older.

Q: How do you approach the girl you’re interested in ? Aggressively ?
Hyuk: I fall in love slowly and when I find someone who is good, I’m the type who will express my feeling and fall in love with her even if she sometimes hurt my feeling ! I will call and text her aggressively ! Otokomae desho ? (Handsome right ?) (triumphant face)

Hae: Me too, when I fell in love I will confess to her “Let’s date !” straightforwardly.
Hyuk: But you take 25 years to fall in love, but if you confess and got rejected you need to wait for another 25 years right ? (laughs)

Q: About “Kimi ga naitara”. What would you do if the girl you like cries ?
Hyuk: I will cry too……No, I will cry harder until she will be the one who need to comfort me. So that she will forgot about her crying.
Hae: I’ll do a lot of things. Sometimes even when she’s crying beside me I will leave her alone. We sometimes have times that we want to cry alone so I will be concern, just in case. Then, I will scold her “Don’t cry !” (laughs). But of course I will console and give her a hug too !

Q: What do you think of RAY ? Do have any fashion you want for girls ? 
Hae: Just now when I was looking at Ray with Eunhyuk, we talked about how some are adorable and cute. I want to have fun looking at girls fashion, and when she’s with me….I saw just now (flipping through the mag). For example, border top with jeans, I like this kind of casual style.

02. Japan Tour –

Q: The moment when your spirit get high during the concert ?
Hae: The opening. During D&E concert, we started our live with riding on a mirror ball and come down to the stage, the lighting reflected on the mirror ball and shine on the whole venue and it was really pretty.

Hyuk: I was so happy when all the fans remember our songs and sang together with us. At first, everyone didn’t do well but we told them to practice a lot of times (laughs). At first we also taught them very strictly (laughs). Each time we did another live, everyone sang together with us and we were really thankful.
Hae: Also, when the fans are crying, rather than happy I feel more sympathy for them. I sometimes get into high spirits when I go to another artist’s concert too, it’s the same and I feel that fans were really moved.

Q: Throughout D&E, is there anything you feel amazing and reliable about each other ?
Hyuk&Hae: Not at all ! (answered at the same time)
Hae: The fact that we two released and album and do concert tour is already amazing right ?
Hyuk: It would be good if we did this earlier. In concert we totally relied on fans’ existence.

Hae: Yes yes. When we make mistakes in singing or dancing, Japanese fans always say “It’s okay” with very warm look, just like a mother.
Hyuk: Ah, come to think about it, in the concert Donghae improved a lot in singing and I think it’s amazing (laughs).

Q: Episodes during the tour that you can finally talk about now ?
Hyuk: During the tour, we played soccer game and cards in the hotel, anyway we played a lot.
Hae: We also saw a lot of pretty sceneries from the hotel.
Hyuk: There’s definitely a convenience store near our hotel, and at each store we went to, we tried a lot of new food.
Hae: The staffs even thought that we couldn’t sing when we’re hungry (laughs).

Q: Things you must do before you stand on stage ?
Hyuk: On concert day, I watch MVs and concert footages of Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Justin Timberland that I like the most, and give the effect to myself. I watch them to follow their postures while on stage. The solo stage I did during the tour was With You by Chris Brown and I really love this song since long before. If I get to fell in love with someone, I want to sing this song for her. I love ELF Japan too and that’s why I chose this song.

Q: What do you want to do if you have a second D&E tour ?
Hyuk: In the next tour, I want to go and play and fans’ house ! (laughs)
Hae: What about doing it at Tokyo Tower ? I want to take pictures there. We saw Tokyo Sky Tree from afar, it would be good if we can do concert there too right (laughs).

Picture Credit: 韩希羽0604
Translation Credit: hyukarmpits
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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