[Trans] 140719 Mina Magazine Interview (September Issue) with Donghae and Eunhyuk [4P]


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– Your first japan tour ended in success.
Donghae: eunhyuk and i have been saying that we wanted to do a tour for a while so we were happy that it came true. going to many different places to meet the fans made me feel closer to them and i wanted to get on the stage more.
Eunhyuk: i think we will remember this tour forever. it was the first time with just the two of us and we got closer to the japanese fans.

– During the tour your japanese improved.
Eunhyuk: we put a lot of effort into our japanese. singing and dancing is something that we always do and when we promote as super junior we don’t have many things we are in charge of because there are many members but this time it was just us two so there were lots of things to do. but we wanted to communicate with the fans so we worked hard.

– How did you actually practice?
Donghae: we practiced by ourselves but the interpreter and staff helped us. they taught us dialects.
Eunhyuk: even for a short phrase we could tell our japanese was gradually getting better and it became fun. because of that what started out as a concert in the beginning of the tour became more of a fanmeeting with each show! the amount of talking increased (laughs)

– Other than the tour you attended events such as kansai collection and tokyo girls’ award.
Donghae: we had never performed at these kinds of events in japan so we are thankful to have been given a chance for more people to get to know us. many of our fans came to cheer for us so we wouldn’t get nervous. it gave us a lot of power and was very encouraging!
Eunhyuk: we could see the lightsticks from the stage!
Donghae: super junior’s lightstick is blue and from the stage it is very beautiful. the members and i say that we are glad to have chosen this color. (we want to see the blue ocean again so) we always say that we want to do a concert soon, that we want to meet the fans.

– You mentioned your members but what is the difference between when you promote as super junior?
Eunhyuk: because there are many members just deciding what to eat for dinner takes time. from the time someone says ‘what should we do?’ to actually doing it takes a long time. but when it’s just us two it doesn’t take time to decide and is easy probably because donghae and i are alike.

– What is the bad part?
Eunhyuk: nothing. just the two of us is enough (laughs)
Donghae: (laughs)
Eunhyuk: since the other members weren’t with us this time i thought it would be lonely but it wasn’t (laughs) because we could meet the fans!

– Please tell us the concept for your new single ‘skeleton’.
Donghae: it’s a dance song that makes your body move while listening to it like our other songs. it has a different appeal from ‘oppa oppa’ and ‘i wanna dance’. i think it’s a song that shows how we’ve grown from our album ‘ride me’.
Eunhyuk: we actively took part in the making of it by putting in our opinions in both the song and mv so it is a song we feel attached to. we’re glad if everyone would like it.

– Why an original single in japan?
Eunhyuk: after finishing the japan tour we wanted to show how we have grown.
Donghae: we wanted to show our gratitude to the fans who came to our tour.

– Did the recording go smoothly?
Eunhyuk: we had to rap in japanese fast while being careful about the pronounciation so it was difficult before we got the hang of it but it was really fun.

– Any stories about the jacket shooting or the mv filming?
Eunhyuk: we wanted to make the image of the song easy to understand. i think shooting with golgol-chan (the skeleton) was especially impressive.
Donghae: we stayed up all night to film the mv and it took one whole day. but kangin and ryeowook came to the set and i worked hard until the end because of it.

– The two of you have known each other for fifteen years. did you learn anything new about each other during the unit activities?
Eunhyuk: we have been together for such a long time i know evrything about donghae to the extent that i wonder if it’s alright to know so much. i can predict what donghae will do. donghae is in the palm of my hands (laughs)
Donghae: (jokingly) i don’t know anything about eunhyuk. i don’t know what he is thinking (laughs)
Eunhyuk: donghae probably doesn’t get my consideration.
Donghae: i only think about what i want to think about. only about elf japan!

– Lastly give us a message.
Donghae: i’m happy to release a new single in japan and show ourselves to the fans!
Eunhyuk: please look forward to donghae & eunhyuk who will continue to grow!

Eunhyuk: when i look at a girl’s eyes while she is concentrating and listening to me talk my heart flutters. like ‘ah she’s really listening to what i’m saying.’ also i like seeing a girl smile. B
efore i used to be the type to like someone if they had one good trait and honestly i thought looks were important. i fell in love at first sight often. but now i’m older… it’s strange saying that but i like people who go well with me.
You can’t tell just by meeting once so i meet them multiple times and check a lot of things like their smile, voice, how they talk, what they talk about, gestures. maybe i am getting difficult? (laughs) that is why i haven’t been in love for a while.

Eunhyuk: if i were to go in a date i want to but groceries at a big supermarket and cook together. Going shopping together and picking out clothes for my gf is nice too.
I used to like buying clothes for myself but now i am not so into fashion anymore and i don’t shop as much.
When i see women’s clothing i think ‘if i had a gf i would want to give this to her as a present.’ (laughs) of course there are lots of places i want to go on a date in japan too.
Onsen, disneyland, i also want to go sightseeing in tokyo.
I have too many things i want to do so i can’t just pick one. i have been waiting for a gf who will do many things with me to appear but… i don’t think it will be anytime soon.

Eunhyuk: i am not someone who gets irritated or angry easily. i have a positive personality so i don’t feel a lot of stress but even so i do get stressed sometimes. so i relieve the stress on the vacation we have once a year.
I like traveling so i go with the members or my family or sometimes even alone. i especially like going to places i usually cannot go to like Europe.

Eunhyuk: i have decided to work hard for the next six to seven years so five years later i think i will still be working. other than as super junior i may be working as an mc? ten years later i might be a dad.
In korea there is a reality program where dads spend time with their kids. martial arts fighter choo sunghoon and his daughter sarang are on the show and they are really cute! they are my ideal family. i always watch it hoping to have a kid like that.

Donghae: before the sapporo show of the tour i went to an onsen.
There was an onsen in our room and it was really nice so if i were to go on a date i want to go to an onsen.
Stay in the onsen for about thirty minutes, eat ramen, watch a movie and play card games!

Donghae: my ideal type is someone who has long hair, white skin and is about 166-168 cm.
I like girls who have pretty eyes, is kind and intelligent. there is one most important thing! pretty fingers.
Actually i made a song about fingers. it’s not the type of song that i should sing though so maybe someday one of the super junior members or artists from the company will sing it (laughs)

Donghae: i used to have a very bad temper. but ever since i realized that it causes trouble to the people around me and isn’t very good when something bad happens i go to the bathroom and calm myself down while looking in the mirror.
I think ‘there are times like this’ ‘it’s not just me’ ‘think positively’ and try to understand as much as possible. if i have my friends i talk to them but it’s not like i call my friends and do something.
I am someone who solves things on my own.

Donghae: what kind of man do i want to be in the future? a family man of course (laughs) also know all about interior… i like taking pictures so i want to be good at taking pictures.
Five years later i will probably still be doing tours in japan. i could be married and have kids. well i don’t know for sure about the future (laughs)

Donghae: i like someone who is bright and is full of energy.
Someone who jumps and hops like a rabbit. (when asked ‘what is a gesture that you like?’) a gesture? hmmm? … anyway it’d be good if they ran around like a rabbit! (laughs)

Donghae shooting bts
Donghae showed his gentlemanliness by doing things like handing the interpreter a glass of water from the water server. When the staff said ‘you give excellent service!’ he answered ‘it isn’t service, this is affection.’ during eunhyuk’s interview he seemed bored and started doodling on his polaroid.
At the end when the staff said ‘your japan tour ended’ he answered ‘…… i am sad’ in japanese with a sad face.

Eunhyuk shooting bts
Wunhyuk answered questions very enthusiastically. he seemed to be very quick-witted.
During the shooting he checked the monitor frequently and changed his pose. while donghae was shooting he watched quietly from behind the staff.
During donghae’s interview though came was supposed to rest he sat beside donghae and listened sometimes retorting and sometimes helping him.
He was very kind and very considerate to the people around him

Picture Credit: Bunny0904
Translation Credit: xmep
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