140710 SuperJunior Ryeowook, joins musical ‘Goddess is Watching’ of Japan concert


Group SuperJunior member Ryeowook is going to appear in musical ‘Goddess is Watching’ of Japan concert.

Japan ORICON STYLE reported on 9th, “Ryeowook is going to appear in musical ‘Goddess is Watching’ which will be held in Setagaya Public Theatre, Tokyo on the coming 20th of September. Since it has made good headlines for Korean concerts, he has decided to appear in Japanese concert also”.
‘Goddess is Watching’, having the content of Korean War and message toward human than conflict between ideologies from cruel war, has rated 95% occupied seats of the first concert in 2013. It has received 2013 Best Script Prize Winner for the 19th Korea Musical Award , and 2013 Musical of the Year picked by the National Assembly.

Ryeowook has shown good acting by taking the role of Lyu Sunho who is a ship driver going through aftermath of war after seeing his brother die in front of him while serving the army by forcible conscription.

Meanwhile, Ryeowook is going to come back in the music industry as SuperJunior in the second half of this year.

Source: seon@osen.co.kr
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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