[Trans] 140624 ESQUIRE Magazine Interview with Donghae [8P]



Q: Super Junior changed the whole world

Donghae: Since autumn last year, I’ve been thinking “Ah, it’s already been so long, I’m really thankful that even until now, there are still so many people who like us”, but there are also many regretful times

Q: Regrets?

Donghae: When I was younger my parents always said: “There are many opportunities to learn.” Recently, after becoming a hyung, I often say these kinds of things to EXO and SHINee.
When you are young, you must learn and understand what kinds of things that you like. But in my case, even though I think this way, there are too many schedules and so I cannot put this into practice.
Recently I really like photography, and even about this, I thought, if I had started earlier, then it might’ve been better

Q: Even if you yourself don’t have much time, you have still obtained many achievements as being a part of SJ. Think about all the achievements in the past 10 years since debut, they really have been amazing.

Donghae: The goal at that time was just about being able to debut, being able to attain high popularity in Korea, and that would’ve been just fine. There was only just that one small wish. But then afterwards, all of a sudden, the Internet and SNS started becoming popular, and it wasn’t just us, but a lot of domestic singers started to become popular overseas, and so everything changed a lot.
Just not long ago we went to South America, and there really was a lot of people on the other side of the world who came to watch our concerts. I really think that I have been born in a really good era.

Q: So the areas you regret is not becoming SJ, but rather within yourself, Donghae?

Donghae: Ah yes, within the group, the other members will help fill up whatever I am lacking, and just this is enough. Just being able to always be together is enough.

Q: You said that you have recently become engrossed with photography, can you talk a bit more about this?

Donghae: It’s because I like romantic things. Right now, I take a lot of landscape photos. That’s why, whenever I have the time, I will take a lot of photos. Just to take photos, I went to New York by myself during winter last year. New York’s Christmas is so beautiful. That was the reason I wanted to go.

Q: People around me say that your friends all say that you are very kind-hearted.

Donghae: Ah, me?

Q: Your kind-hearted image rating was given by very powerful people in the fashion circles, and so it seems to be the best kind of praise…

Donghae: Everyone has different styles and personalities. I’m the type of the person who wishes for a problem to be solved in an orderly fashion. Thank you for saying that I am kind-hearted. For example, say I have 500, I will say: “unnie, here, have some milk.” I like to do these small things. I like to make presents to give to people.
I’m the type of person that likes to be in contact with people often.

Q: Acting is not something to be abandoned. Watching you act in the TV series “God’s Quiz”, I felt that this was someone who made very serious preparations before acting.

Donghae: I became very interested in acting early on. When I was about 21-22, sometimes I would think, would it have been better to be a singer or an actor. But the fortunate thing is, I have been able to experience both. If my schedules are organised nicely, I can do acting at the same time as going on variety shows. But I am really afraid of variety shows. If manager-hyung tells me to go on a variety show, I say that I would rather just be on for 5 seconds, it would be better for me to go acting.

Q: Your character in “God’s Quiz” is the new forensic detective who follows Ryu Deok-hwan. Other medias have all said that your acting is just as natural as putting your own clothes on.

Donghae: If there is something I want to do, and you give me the opportunity, so long it is within my ability to do it, I will give my utmost to do the best that I can. Anyone can do this, isn’t it?

Q: In the micro-film “Rumours” you also play the role of a student.

Donghae: I specifically went to find a micro-film. I just wanted to act, not because of any other reason.
“Rumours” is the work of the director of the recently released film “The Apostle”, Director Kim Jinmoo. I met him through a hyung who went to the same church. I was just in the middle of preparing when we just began shooting for 4 days straight, I was really happy.

Q: Are there any other roles you wish to act in?

Donghae: I want to act in romance films, ah, and there is another one, I don’t know if it suits my appearance, but I want to film a war film.

Q: Since you debuted in your teens, 10 years have already passed. In this period of time, have your values changed?

Donghae: I am just with a grateful heart that I am living like this, that I am healthy and able to look after the people around me. This is everything. When I was young, my family was poor, and we only thought about making money. But then my father passed away, and I thought, money is not everything. As long as I am alive and healthy, it does not matter whether I have money or not. I had a lot of thoughts when I was younger.
But they are all nothing in comparison to being healthy. What I can do and what I can become and what I can work hard to get, these things cannot be coveted blindly, they need to be considered calmly.

Q: You overcame the loneliness of childhood

Donghae: I don’t like those dark kind of things. I like brightness. My childhood was too dim. But now I have become more cheerful, whatever it is, I will laugh. From the artist point of view, when you meet new people, it cannot be taken as being irrelevant as both sides will experience hardships, and so you should get to know each other first, to joke around and such.

Q: Has the way you see women also changed?

Donghae: It’s changed.

Q: Recently, what do you like in the opposite sex?

Donghae: When I was younger I liked pretty girls, girls who wore tight clothing. Now I’m almost 30, I don’t really see the face anymore. I like women with pretty fingers. I will feel it when we interlock our fingers. I have types of hands that I like. But of course, if they are able to like children, then it is enough.

[Q: After you pass mid-30s, even if they have multiple illnesses, you won’t mind it anymore (laughs)]

Q: What will SJ be like in their 30s?

Donghae: We want to release more albums, and hold more concerts. If everyone’s individual life becomes very busy, then we’ll just release one album per year, or go somewhere, and have a get together. You take photos when you release albums, right? I think we see these things every year, and we mature in pace with our age, and then we share around topics like “becoming a man”.

Q: What about you in your 30s?

Donghae: I have 2 goals. Firstly I want to let fans and the general public to be able to see my hobbies. Because I really like photography, I want to release a photo album or video. I want to have interests other than being an artist. Sometimes when you are repeatedly doing just a single thing, it will become annoying, and so I found an interest in photography and design. Another goal is acting. I really want this.

Q: I haven’t seen your photos, so I don’t know, but you should be able to act a lot

Donghae: It will be great if it could be like this, I will just do it, I will work hard until that day (laughs).

Picture Credit: Heira
Korean to Chinese Translation: 掌心witheunhae
Chinese to English Translation: mish_shellx
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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