[Trans] 140607 Easy Magazine (June Issue) Volume 682 – Interview with Donghae

Officially becoming acting-IDOL

After acting in <Attack on the Pin-Up Boys>, Donghae is taking up the challenge again after 7 years.
Acting in <The Rumour>, 1 of the 4 parts in <The Youth>, he plays the lead character of a student president.

Many fans who watched the movie said Donghae took away the idol image and showed something that could not be seen on stage. Becoming an acting-DOL, he is slowly showing his potential as an actor.

<The Rumour> is one of Donghae’s favourite work that he has acted in.
However, there were a lot of vulgarities in the movie that made him worried.
DH: my character said too much vulgarities, is this really ok?

Other than ‘technology killer’, Donghae has another nickname, ‘businessman Donghae’.
About this nickname, he proudly said ‘that right, i’m good at counting money, very quickly too.’
Growing up, Donghae has slowly planned his future.
Q: At what age do you think you are considered as an adult?
DH: 34 years old. i hope to get married at 33 years old and have a baby at 34.
i feel that i’ll really become a man at that time.

What’s surprising, other than hanging out with friends when he has free time, he spends the time learning English.
DH: i learn English through listening to music.
because there’s a lot of english words i dont know, i’ll write them down.
i also watch a lot of movies as well as hanging out with henry and other foreign friends.
Donghae’s motivation to study different languages is to be able to communicate with fans.
DH: i want to at least be able to say something simple to foreign fans that’s why i’m memorizing and jotting them down

Note: Some parts have been omitted.
Credit: eunhaes_
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