[Tutorial] Vote Super Junior for the 2014 MTV Italy Awards !!

Go to: http://mtvawards.mtv.it/voting/


Step 1: Log in using your Twitter / Facebook accounts (Circle)


Step 2: Click authorize app when you see this pop up box  (Circle)


Step 3: Ignore (Cross) this pop up box


Step 4: Scroll all the way down and find for “Best Artist from the World” (Circle)


Step 5:  Click “VOTA” to vote for SJ


Step 6: Then after, this pop up box will appear


10 votes can be made per account. So repeat Step 5 until you see this pop up box.


Then after, log into another account and repeat the steps to vote ! ^^


Tutorial by cmkish0w (https://worldwideelfs.com/)
Posted by cmkish0w (https://worldwideelfs.com/)


9 thoughts on “[Tutorial] Vote Super Junior for the 2014 MTV Italy Awards !!

  1. Hi! I just want to share to guys that i voted SJ like 30+ times in the category given with the one account in one night, there’s no “X hai ragui..” pop up box appeared.. by the way Im just using my phone.. that’s ok right?? I hope my vote counts.. ELF FIGHTING!! :))

  2. as for me, it doesn’t say vota besides the SJ photo or any other photo… How to vote then?
    Can’t find them in the artist saga either…

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