140427 Tiny-G’s Dohee wants to film “We Got Married” with Henry!

Dohee-Henry-e1398578402372-800x450Singer and actress Dohee of Tiny-G revealed her desire to be on MBC’s “We Got Married” with Henry!

On the April 26 episode of the MBC variety show “Quiz to Change the World,” Dohee made a statement about wanting to star in “We Got Married” with Henry, who was also a guest on the show.

She explained, “I am a fan of Henry. All of my close friends go crazy over him. I want to do a reality show like ‘We Got Married’ with him.”

In response to this, Henry, hiding his surprise wittily replied, “Will you marry me?” to the amusement of all the other guests.

Would you support this fun couple on “We Got Married?


Credit to soompi
Posted by sapphir3bluu (https://worldwideelfs.com/)


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