[Trans] 140413 FRaU Magazine (2014 May Issue) with Eunhyuk and Donghae [8P]

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Postcards ~


Two person who spend half of their lives with each other

Q: After starting your Japan Tour, is there anything you finally realize the other is good in?

E: I dont have anything that i finally realize he is good in.
Donghae is the Donghae i know ever since, he never change. he does anything and say anything as expected by me. Donghae is on my palms. (laughs)

D: I dont have too. We know each other for 15 years already, if we only realize now… but recently, i found that the difference between me and Eunhyuk, the good side of him.
For example when we prepare this album, I am the one who help in preparing the songs, the one who persude the company is Eunhyuk, i found that we have different plus point

E: Donghae and composers are friends, whatever genre songs we wanted to sing, Donghae will ask composers to write us songs. Then i will bring the completed demo to the company to talk to them.

D: What I know is different than what Eunhyuk knows. I feel that we coordinate well as we work. We are of same age, are friends and we have a lot in common, but the way we presented is different. We understand each other well, so whats the charisma that we don’t know about each other?

E: sometimes isnt Donghae is like a babo? This purity is very charismatic. He is gentle to people around him, and he is loved by everyone.

D: good point about Eunhyuk, he is interesting?

E: I knew you will say that.

D: Am I revealed? (laughs) Eunhyuk charisma, when I am with him I will be at ease. Everyone who meets him for the first time will always say he is a person who is easily approachable. In contrast, people who meets me for the first time will say my personality is hard to grasp. I envy.


Q: As Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk, what is your target in the future?

E: There are difficulties for our tour this time, but we got a lot support from the staffs, but I feel that its a target that we follow and make it come true, if there is something I want to do in the future, I would want to think about it and fulfill it. I want to perform in a bigger stage, maybe Asia tour.

D: Whatever it is, I want to be with Eunhyuk. Sub-unit must continue. It seems like I spend half of my life with Eunhyuk, I think in the future it will be like this too. (laughs)


when its a 2 person sub-unit, at anytime must give full efforts

Q: As a sub-unit releasing first album, now having a Japan tour, what do you think?

D: i feel thankful for opening a concert as a duo. I feel that this tour is a gift from our fans.

E:I am happy that i can meet with fans all over the places. before concert we will learn their local dialects and we will speak them during ments. In Osaka we will say “really like you all”, in hiroshima we will say “really love you all” (laughs)

Q: What do you feel when you record the song ride me?

E: At first it need almost a day to finish a song, but then slowly i get used to this genre of song.

D: although i don’t know eunhyuk singing is good or not (laughs), but i know he works hard on it. during recording i will also thought of other members who sings very good, especially KRY.

Q: When there is two person activities, there is increase of free time? (p/s: dont understand this part)

E: when there is two person, the responsibility is different. Our performance must be as lively as Super Junior, so we need more energy.

D: most of the time i feel like two person is more lonely. I love to go to members rooms before i sleep, this time i can only go to eunhyuk’s room. so every night i will play games with eunhyuk.

E: but, even though there is two person there will be times its boring. like this, two of us ate ramen at night in the hotel.


Q: What Asia food do you like and the things that make you happy.

E: during our super junior world tour, we always try the local food. I want to specially recommend Spicy Crabs in Singapore that we always eat when we go there. Usually we don’t go out of hotel, but last year we went out for to walk around for the first time, i think eating spicy crabs is the best. This time Japan tour with donghae, i am anticipated to eat various of food. I especially like hiroshima’s okonomiyaki.

D: whenever we go overseas we enjoy the food there. On the part where we went to or the place we spend most time would be the memories in China. This time having a tour around Japan we will ask the staffs before concert and they will help us prepare different kinds of local food. For example in Nagoya its Hitsumabushi, in Osaka its Takoyaki. Because i dont have special likings or dislike, so anything which is delicious, most importantly thanks to the staffs who diligently prepare, so i will have the thought of want to work hard too.

Q:Apart from Seoul, where do you recommend to visit in Korea?

E: my house is somewhere near the sea, Incheon. I originally love the sea a lot.
Of course i am good in swimming. In east side of Korea, there are a lot beaches that I really want to recommend.
I hope everyone will visit there, especially beach at Gyeongpodae, Kangwondo area is also nice.
Listening to the sounds of the sea, watching the sea is very nice, and there are also stalls at the seaside selling seashells and barbecue tasted very delicious.

D: I heard that this issue of the magazine introduces Jeonju. I want to recommend Jeonju Film Festival which was held every year in Jeonju. Jeonju Film Festival is famous as it is a festival which gather all movie fanatics. During the film festival, there will be a lot actors and directors who will come to Jeonju, and there are also activities.
This year it will be on May 1-10. Actually, I filmed a short movie this January and the movie will participate in the festival. Of course, i will be there too. So everyone please come. Lets meet at Jeonju.


Picture Credit: 幸福_kellyrika_sj
Japanese to Chinese translation: 幸福_kellyrika_sj | witheunhae
Chinese to English translation: eunhaebemine
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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