[GIVEAWAY] Swing with WorldwideELFs and Spot the Difference!

Hi everyone!

In honor of our anniversary week, we will be holding a SJ-M Swing Giveaway! Spot the Difference between the Chinese and Korean versions of SJ-M’s Swing MV! ANYONE worldwide can win! The rules are simple:

1) You must follow @WorldwideELFs as the winner will be notified via DM. This is a giveaway for only Twitter followers~

2) Entries must be hashtagged with #슈퍼주니어M #SuperJuniorM #Swing #WWESpotTheD. Do not mention our username in your tweet to save space but ALL 4 hashtags must be in one tweet. Start the tweet with the hashtags. If you use twitlonger or tmi.me, also make sure to start the tweet with the hashtags first and not at the end. If it’s at the end, we cannot find your tweet.

You may write in incomplete sentences to shorten your tweet 🙂

3) You can submit multiple entries. Do only one difference per tweet.

4) Include a screenshot of the difference and add a description (if necessary) in your entry. Screenshots must be the video from the official SMTOWN channel. You have to use YouTube!

You must include the uploader name (SMTOWN) in the screenshot since we want you to be watching the official MVs. (Our example picture will show the uploader name.)

Also, images should be watermarked/tagged with your twitter ID to prevent people from stealing your entry.

Example Entry: #슈퍼주니어M #SuperJuniorM #Swing #WWESpotTheD around 1:06, Hyuk’s hand gestures are different both MVs unnamed

You cannot submit this example entry for your entry by the way! Also, you may put the description in the screenshot, but the hashtags must be in the tweet, not in the screenshot.

If you want to combine your screenshots into one picture, you can download apps like Photo Collage or Fotorus. The Labelbox app lets you watermark it like we did. If you’re on a computer, you can use paint.net, photoshop, or GIMP to combine and watermark your pictures. 

The deadline to submit an entry is this Sunday, April 6. One random winner will be chosen on April 8. Later, we’ll send you information on how to receive the Swing album 🙂

Hashtagging with #슈퍼주니어M #Swing in the same tweet and watching the official MVs from SMTOWN’s channel helps SJ-M with winning at music shows~ We hope you all will participate~

One more thing, we will have MORE giveaways very, very soon! Happy finding!


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