[TUTORIAL] How to Vote Super Junior-M for Global Chinese Music (Using weibo account)

Go to http://qr.cntv.cn/bsb

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you will see Super Junior-M.

Click on the “投票” button in the red box.


 A pop-up screen will appear. Click on the Weibo icon (in the red box) at the bottom to login.


 You will then be asked to enter your weibo Email Address and Password.


After logging in, you will see this screen again,

Click on the “投票” button on the right (in the red box).


You may/may not be asked to key in a code. 


Repeat this again the next day. ^^

It’s one vote per weibo account, once a day.

Voting is conducted every week, from Monday 1am KST to Friday 1am KST

Haven’t created a weibo account?
Check this out: https://worldwideelfs.com/weibo-account-tutorial/


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